Webfitters CRM Software: Get 'Em In

Design Studio: AMG Strategies

Get 'Em In is custom-built Customer Relationship Management software developed by Webfitters. It’s designed to track, manage, nurture, and measure sales data and interactions with customers. 

The specialized technology gives companies the ability to organize and automate their sales and marketing efforts, customer service, and their technical support. Its features include:

- Lead acquisition from brand websites and 3rd parties.
- Automation for email responses.
- Lead nurturing tools.
- Automated owner nurturing.
- Automated to-do lists.
- Phone scripts.
- Lead, Response, and Sales reports.
- Dealer promo events and information.
- Mass email, can be sent to specific brand or boat interest and other demographics.

The Get 'Em In CRM software is currently used by household names in the boating industry. It’s been analyzed by a third party reviewer and was recommended over a top CRM system in the industry due to the specialized customization available for clients using Get 'Em In.

The Webfitters Team is incredibly proud of their built-from-scratch CRM software. It’s a huge accomplishment and honor to work directly with leading boat brands to continually develop and improve the client's sales efforts.

At Webfitters, customization is their bread and butter. The team believes in building a product to do exactly what the client needs and then providing unbeatable customer support to ensure it performs at top notch. They also believe in the importance of maintaining a working relationship to suggest ideas for improvement to ensure the product grows with the company.

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