Bellin Health Fitness

WordPress Website, Event Calendar, Trainer Directory, Healthy Living Blog, Class Schedule, Online Chat Feature, and Facebook Feed


Bellin Health Fitness is a comprehensive health club offering group exercise classes, personal training, and nutrition programs. They came to Webfitters because they felt like they needed an updated look and feel to their website that spoke to their target audience and would help inform and attract new members.

Their main areas for improvement were:

  • Parts of their old website did not work or were very confusing to visitors
  • The current sitemap made it difficult to access important pages
  • The site lacked engaging visuals
  • No way to connect with a trainer
  • The site needed to be more user friendly for visitors and members
  • No way to show off all available programs
  • No way to accurately represent the offerings of all 3 locations
  • No strong call-to-actions to become a member


We worked closely with Bellin Health Fitness to meet all of their needs and more! During the Discovery Phase, we looked more into Bellin’s industry and competition to help rework their site map and identify industry standards. We also helped them with their content writing and keywording in order to improve their search engine optimization over time. We partnered with the great Mike Roemer Photography to help give life to their website with some new pictures and videos.

Our biggest additions were:

  • The Event Calendar to show upcoming events
  • An Interactive Trainer Directory – featuring trainer bios and an easy way to set up an appointment with specific trainers.
  • A Healthy Living Blog to share lifestyle tips, success stories, recipes, and more
  • The Online Class Schedule highlights weekly classes in all three locations
  • Clear and easy call outs to join or sign up for certain classes/trainers
  • An Online Chat Feature designed to help the older audience get assistance
  • A Facebook Feed to bring in dynamic news and topics right to the home page
  • Site optimization for mobile devices

We are super proud of what we created by partnering with Bellin Health Fitness and we think you will love it too! You can go check out their website here!

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Check out a video walkthrough of their website with commentary by a Webfitters professional designer here:

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