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EUA, or Eppstein Uhen Architects, Inc, approached Webfitters in need of a new website design that would elevate their current digital presence and truly showcase their position as a national leader in corporate architecture, engineering, planning, and interior design.

It was important for the elements in the website design to reflect EUA’s dedication to innovation and reputation as a forward-thinking firm. It was equally important for EUA’s Marketing Team to be able add and update content to the new website – a task that had become somewhat difficult on their existing platform.


Design was key to the success of this project. EUA has set an impressive standard within their industry, and their new website needed to reflect that. Together, we designed a clean, contemporary, and extremely visual interface to excite and engage the end user. Pops of brand colors, subtle animations, and white space help draw the user’s eyes down the homepage and to desired areas throughout the website. As a result, EUA’s website is set to impress.

The homepage greets visitors with powerful headline that reads, “Inspiring the Next Generation with Creativity + Expression”, while images from their portfolio flow behind it; captivating the user and providing an impressive preview of EUA’s work. As users scroll down, they are greeted by interactive elements and subtle animations that move as the user navigates. These intentional design touches help increase engagement throughout the homepage and website.

Throughout interior pages, a consistent use of EUA’s branded elements, bold photography, and geometric breakouts helps create a flow from top to bottom – leading users on a journey throughout each page and maintaining a clean, contemporary feel.

The Projects Portfolio is the main focal point of the site. Each project showcase’s EUA’s knowledge, experience, and passion for design & architecture. Individual project pages showcase photography, building features, project descriptions, awards, and more. It also ties into EUA’s Staff Directory, Markets, and Blog for related content. The portfolio truly allows users to better understand the scope of the EUA’s work, while showcasing the uniqueness and impressive nature of each project.

EUA’s new website is not only well designed on the front end, it is well architected on the back end as well. The EUA team needed a platform that was easy to use and navigate – a CMS that would allow staff to simply add content, projects, and make updates as needed without an extensive knowledge of code. Sections like Projects, Markets, and People were all designed and built for ease of use on the back end as well as the front.

Physical spaces have the ability to evoke human emotions and ignite inspiration, as EUA’s projects often do. At Webfitters, we embraced that concept and developed it on a digital scale as an extension of all that EUA does.

…and we’re happy to announce that we have won a Web Excellence Award for our efforts in January of 2024.

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