If you build a great online experience for your customers, they will tell others.
Jeff Bezos

Nearly 70% of all consumers in the United States have purchased online, and we can expect that number to continue to increase. If you’re looking to develop a custom online store for your company (big or small), Webfitters offers solutions tailored to your brand and audience. We aim to convert your visitors to customers by providing shopping experience. Here’s how we do it…

Understanding Your Audience

Successful eCommerce starts by connecting with your audience. Understanding who they are, what they like, and how they want to shop can help you streamline the shopping experience and generate positive results. All of our eCommerce projects start with a discovery phase to better understand your needs as a business, but more importantly, your customer’s needs.

Platform Flexibility

Every brick-and-mortar store has its own unique environment and every customer, their unique needs. Your business should be selling products on a platform that works for you, your audience, and your brand. We offer and support a number of platform options including WooCommerce, Magento, and our own Purpose Built eCommerce Solution. All of our solutions are scalable, secure, and user focused.

A Seamless Experience

Payment gateways, shipping options, sales tax, and fulfillment!!!!!! These can all be pretty stressful (and even a bit dangerous) with out the right kind of guidance. We work with you to ensure the ordering process runs smoothly for you and your online customers. Our experienced team can make recommendations based on industry standards, local/federal laws, type of product, and more. We work directly with your team(s) to cover the details and keep things stress free.

Integration & Automation

What good is your store if it’s not connected to your entire business? Webfitters offers unique solutions for reporting, inventory management, user grouped pricing, fulfillment, and integration with your ERP systems to help eliminate manual work and data entry. After all, who doesn’t want a website that can make them money while they sleep?

Whether you are looking to sell a few widgets online or open up an entire online mega-store, Webfitters can help you throughout the entire process. Contact us today for a FREE consultation.

We love a good challenge, collaboration, and new partnerships. Contact us today for a free consultation on your next project.