Bug Tussel

eCommerce Website, Blog, Event Calendar, Find a Rep, Custom Pricing Plan Layout


Bug Tussel Wireless is an internet service provider serving rural communities in Wisconsin. The company was founded in 2003 on the principle of providing internet technology to previously underserved areas. Bug Tussel utilizes an economic model that focuses on areas with as little as 2-5 households per square mile.

As a technology company, Bug Tussel Wireless needed a website that reflected the core elements of their industry; high-speeds and efficiency with a modern look. They turned to Webfitters for help creating a website that functioned as effectively as possible while also increasing conversions through improved accessibility and exposure.


We worked with the Bug Tussel Wireless team to design a website that is both attractive and extremely functional. Utilizing bright company colors, sharp images, and informational icons and statistics, Bug Tussel’s new website serves to engage and educate the audience while still furthering their business goals.

To create a solid and sustainable foundation for Bug Tussel’s website and future success we focused on the overarching themes of accessibility and exposure during the build.


Like the Bug Tussel team knows, accessibility is everything. It is literally the ‘why’ behind their company- high speed internet options should be accessible to everyone no matter where you live. We stepped into this mindset and used it as a guiding light in designing the features and crafting the user experience behind the website.

One of Bug Tussel Wireless major goals of this build was having a site that was compatible and responsive on mobile devices. This allows viewers to access the website on their phone or tablet without having their session interrupted by formatting errors, broken links, or any other mishap that occurs when a website isn’t compatible with mobile.

To create the seamless flow of accessibility on any device, we designed their website with the urban mobile-user in mind. Now, the Bug Tussel website is easy to use and loads quickly, all while appealing to the non tech savvy. The Bug Tussel website is also ADA (American Disability Act) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) certified to meet the needs of all users visiting the website.

Making pricing accessible was another important element of the new website. Bug Tussel Wireless now hosts two ‘Plans’ (wireless and fiber optic) pages with a pricing layout to visually display their offerings. By making the pricing plans accessible, potential customers aren’t left in the dark about how much they’ll be spending for high-speed internet!

On the back end, Webfitters installed features to make analytics easily accessible to the Bug Tussel team. Form integration into Salesforce allows the Bug Tussel team to track leads and monitor areas of their website’s performance. Accessibility to metrics can help the Bug Tussel team review, monitor, and adapt where need be.


Creating opportunities to be seen in ways that aren’t just trying to push a product or service are essential to creating a great website. Complementary functions and pages; like blogs, event calendars, online stores, etc., can help boost engagement and create the desire for users to return to your page more frequently.

For Bug Tussel’s website we created multiple functionalities that allow for a well-rounded user experience. Not only will they go to the website in search of their services, but also if they want the latest industry resources (blog), local learning opportunities and public events (event calendar) or are so happy with their experience that they want to rep Bug Tussel through branded merch (online store).

Bug Tussel’s new website also features two additional pages that encourage audience engagement within the site. The ‘Find a Rep’ functionality creates a search option for users to find a regional representative. This provides exposure to the areas that Bug Tussel services and allows the user to get in contact with one of their representatives.

Another important page our team fitted Bug Tussel’s website with is the Careers page. This section highlights the company culture, showcases employment opportunities, and allows candidates to apply online.

Our team at Webfitters enjoyed building out Bug Tussel Wireless’ new website! Not only does it have a look that mirrors the industry but the features and functionalities to make it stand out as a certified tech company!

We’re excited to continue working with Bug Tussel on an ongoing digital marketing package to boost traffic and generate leads from their new site.

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