Webfitters offers a full-service hosting package for every website we build and maintain. Our powerful servers give our clients peace of mind to know that their website is safe and secure  around the clock. Our sites are backed up nightly and our average downtime is less than 1%.

Nationwide Data Centers

Our servers are located in large, dedicated data centers along major network fiber trunks throughout the country to ensure fast, reliable connections. We offer enterprise-level connection and speed, robust firewalls, backups, and monitoring. Our hosting packages include private, dedicated servers to optimize your site’s performance and security. We DO NOT host on public servers; meaning only our clients are on our servers.

Safety & Security

Our hosting packages feature locked-down security for any website or application. We can quickly detect and block unwanted traffic sources to ensure your projects are safe and secure. Standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption and enterprise-level firewalls are included at no additional cost.

Disaster Recovery

Automated daily, weekly, and monthly backups of your entire website or application are performed to a separate data center in the unlikely event that something goes wrong. We offer collocation of servers with GEO load balancing to ensure 100% server uptime. The system allows for users to connect to the closest (geographical) server or in the event that one data center goes down, all traffic will be routed to the others.

Flexibility & Maintenance

We offer different tiers of hosting suited to fit your company’s specific needs. We also offer a variety of maintenance packages to ensure that your website or app is up to date and secure.

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