For over 20+ years, Webfitters has been designing and developing custom web and mobile apps to help clients streamline the way they do business and cut operational costs.

Applications designed for efficiency

Apps are more than icons on a screen. In fact, applications go far beyond what many people understand as an “app”.

At Webfitters, our applications are developed to improve company processes, generate leads, share data, improve customer service or simplify redundant tasks.

We work closely with your organization to understand your pain points and goals. Our developers then craft a unique solution that allows your app to serve your management, team members, and customers. We can then integrate applications with ERP systems, sales tools and other system softwares.

Our user-friendly applications are designed to enhance engagement and improve processes while creating a better ROI for you!

Streamlining the way you work

Our applications serve a variety of purposes, internal and external, that are tailored to your business objectives.

website applications with functions including member portals
Allow your users or customers exclusive access to the information that's most relevant to them.
website applications designed for maintenance tracking
Improve communication, efficiency and transparency of your operations.
event planning application icon
Keep everything organized and in one place to ensure your business runs smoothly.
product display applications icon
Upload, update and maintain your products or services with ease.
content management application icon
Know where all of your information is at any given time.
project management application icon
Track the status of a project, enable progression, improve communication and more.


Phone with social media apps installed. Webfitters can manage social media profiles for any industry.

Web-based and mobile applications are powerful tools that can be an integral part of your website and business. The biggest difference between web and mobile applications is the platform they are built on. Web applications are built and launched like websites where as mobile are designed specifically for mobile devices.

Understanding the use cases and differences of each one can help you determine which would be better suited for your organization. Learn more about web and mobile applications here.

Is an application right for your business?

Determining the need for an application can be a matter of internal discussions, or pulling in the experts to identify areas of improvement that a web or mobile app can provide.

If you’re looking to improve resource spend, streamline a process or make work flows more efficient, an application may be right for you. An application can save you a significant amount of money once up and running!

If you still aren’t sure, our Sales/Project Management team can help you scope this all out so you have a clear vision of what your company actually needs.

Asking the questions that matter

  • What problem are you trying to solve with your app?
  • Do you intend for it to save you time? Money? Both? How much?
  • Are your competitors utilizing applications? In what capacities?

Our approach

Our applications are designed to last – with some of our client’s solutions still in service after more than 10+ years! We build an application that truly meets your needs and grows with your organization. Here’s how we do it.

webfitters process includes a collaborative kickoff
Step 1: Kickoff
discovery session following webfitters kickoff meeting
Step 2: Discovery
aesthetic website design services
Step 3: Design
website development and design process icon
Step 4: Development
Implementation process icon
Step 5: Implementation
webfitters website testing icon
Step 6: Testing
We love a good challenge, collaboration, and new partnerships. Contact us today for a free consultation on your next project.