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If there is one thing Yardfully knows how to do, it’s all things backyard. Yardfully, originally a part of Presto Geo Systems- who got their start in 2012, is a spin-off that takes gardening and outdoor building solutions from industrial environments to your everyday homeowner and DIY-enthusiast’s backyard. Headquartered in Appleton, WI, Yardfully wants to make sure the products it provides are as versatile as the projects you plan on carrying out. Whether you need a compost bin, raised garden grids, or grass pavers, the consistent high-quality products Yardfully offers can now be found all in one place, right here.

Although Yardfully still remains under the Reynolds Brands parent corporation, with the spin-off from Presto Geo Systems, they needed to establish a presence that reflects their own brand identity, the products they have to offer, and the insights they have in the industry.

The first challenge our team encountered was creating the brand behind Yardfully. We needed to understand the things that mattered most to them, why they were important to them, and what drove them to create their own stand-alone company. From there, we could determine how to visually represent their brand, the best approaches when it comes to engaging with their audience, and efficient ways to showcase their product offerings.

Our team at Webfitters was able to help mold their brand and deliver everything they, as a company, were looking for, and everything their customers expect from them as well.


By utilizing branding exercises, we were able to pinpoint the key elements that made Yardfully, well, Yardfully! This provided the backdrop for everything else on their website. Simplistic design elements with earth-tone colors, features that appeal naturally to the eye, and organized information all work to catch the viewer’s attention without overwhelming them.

One of the most important aspects of a brand is the logo. Next to the name of the company, it is the second-most recognized indication of a brand. Our team worked hard to create a logo that incorporated all of the characteristics of Yardfully as a brand in one simple, yet sharp, symbol. The logo our team created features an earthy-green plant stemming from a circle that surrounds it. The concept behind the design goes even further as the circle helps reinforce the metaphor of evolution and lifecycles that many backyards represent.

After the logo creation, we needed to design a platform that would help serve their customers: an online shop featuring Yardfully’s products. Our team implement a Shop Products page which allows viewers to browse products, view descriptions, add items to cart, and easily complete a transaction with an integrated e-commerce solution through WordPress.

To further engage Yardfully’s viewers, we also created a blog, called “Tips From The Backyard”. This blog serves as a place for advice, tips and tricks, and educational content to be posted related to gardening, sustainability, composting, and so much more! In addition, our share buttons on each article, as well as above each product image, allows viewers to easily share their favorites to social media sites like Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. Our share features also give viewers the ability to send content via email as well.

Like a seed in the dirt, Yardfully’s brand had to be tended to and nurtured in order to inspire its growth into a fully developed website. Our team had a lot of fun on this build because we got to see the process through from conception to implementation, and all the design in between.

Be sure to check out Yardfully’s brand new website! You can find it here.

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