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Terry Talks Nutrition


Web Development Case Study


Terry Talks Nutrition is a health and wellness website that provides extensive natural health resources. Website owner, Terry Lemerond, is passionate about improving the health of America and uses his website to help spread the word and achieve his goal.

Originally, TerryTalksNutrition.com was a basic WordPress website. While WordPress sites may be sufficient for some companies, Terry Talks Nutrition became too complex to manage using WordPress, which is why Webfitters was called in to build a custom website.

On the latest site update, the Webfitters Team worked with a responsive design provided by the client in order to give TerryTalksNutrtion.com a fresh new look while incorporating his highly-customized Content Management System.

The CMS for Terry’s website allows him to efficiently add new content to the site, build in-depth newsletters, post videos, photos, podcasts, and more. It’s also integrated with Constant Contact to manage their weekly email newsletters. The CMS allows them to create, view, and test the email newsletter in draft mode, and then schedule the email delivery date and time through Constant Contact's API in a completely streamlined and automated process.

TerryTalksNutrition.com is continually growing to house Terry’s ever-increasing database of health information. This website is a great example of where Webfitters was able to work with a client’s design, incorporate relevant APIs to fit their business, and build a custom CMS solution tailored to fit their unique needs.

Case Study Takeaway: Webfitters is able to work with whatever unique business needs you have!