Terry Talks Nutrition

Purpose Built Website and CMS, Category Tag System, Personalized Content Functionality


For over 50 years, Terry Lemerond has been utilizing his knowledge and experience in the natural health food industry to improve the lives and health of Americans. His mission is “to share with you the ‘best of the best’ in scientific research, quality nutritional supplements, and botanical extracts”.

Based in Green Bay, WI, Terry Talks Nutrition has provided a platform for Terry’s published books, informational blogs and articles, podcasts, and other resources to be accessed by individuals looking to achieve positive changes in their lifestyle.

As the website, itself, aged (being almost 10 years old) and Terry’s experience in the industry grew, a vast portfolio of published work started to accumulate. The content began to overwhelm the archives and affect the organization of the website, a sign to Terry that it was time to enlist the help of Webfitters.

Accessing content within the site was challenging because viewers would have to navigate through years-worth of articles and posts in order to find the one they were looking for. Pair that with a complex site map and you get a website that is more frustrating to viewers than it is helpful or educational.

We had to optimize the technical, visual, and organizational elements throughout the site to create a stronger identity to the brand, all while enlisting the help of features that compelled viewers to engage within the new website

Here’s how we did it.


Our team worked directly with the people behind Terry Talks Nutrition to collaborate on a website that would best reflect their mission. We seamlessly implemented changes that we knew would give Terry a clean, industry-current look, and functionalities that allowed for more interactions and an enhanced user experience.

One of the first steps in the process was improving the sitemap and organization of the website. This included clearing the website of almost 40% of its previous content and thoroughly analyzing their analytics to determine high-traffic pages. Then, we could strategically revise the site map and structure of the pages to make content more accessible.

To make the articles more accessible we worked in a feed system on the homepage which provides a quick connection to content linked throughout the website. This is a way to showcase the latest in Terry’s work and gives users a reason to engage with and follow internal links. In addition to the dynamic home page, the color coordination of light blues and greens helps maintain a fresh and lively look, which also plays on the ‘natural’ side of the Terry Talks Nutrition.

An additional feature we implemented gives the viewer the ability to ‘favorite’ articles or health categories related to their unique needs. This allows for an aspect of personalization within the website which helps retain viewers and make the website, in general, more exciting to visit.

Continuing with the theme of accessibility and engagement, our team at Webfitters added two new systems which will help the website run as effectively as possible. Our tag system allows Terry Talks Nutrition to go into each article and tag them with a specific health condition to make certain content or categories easier to search.

The second new process is the hashtag system which pulls tweets from Twitter into the website if they are adorned with a specific hashtag related to Terry Talks Nutrition. These new systems prove that their team is dedicated to providing the most pertinent information, as efficiently as possible, to their viewers.

Cheers to you, Terry, and your team, as you pursue new ventures with your updated website and work to educate individuals on creating a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle! You can check out Terry Talks Nutrition’s brand-new look here.

We look forward to continuing our work with you on Phase II and creating an even more profound user experience.

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