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Tri-Cor Flexible Packaging in Sparta, New Jersey leads the industry in custom flexible packaging solutions. This B2B company provides film and packaging expertise to a variety of markets, including Food, Consumer Goods, Agricultural, Pet Supply, Industrial, Healthcare, and more. With a reputation for quality, consistency, reliability, and creativity, Tri-Cor needed a website upgrade to best reflect the solutions it provides.

Tri-Cor’s previous website was functional but outdated. The marketing team found Webfitters through an industry contact who provided the referral. Tri-Cor needed its new website to fulfill the following needs:

  • Overall site experience is contemporary, clean, and easy-to-navigate
  • Clearly showcase company capabilities
  • An emphasis on markets and solutions
  • Content writing support and search engine ranking


We had a lot of fun taking on the challenge of building Tri-Cor’s new website. The client is thrilled with the clean look and a design that caters to the user experience.

Our development team took special care in the visuals, so every potential (or current) client could see how its products come to life with Tri-Cor’s support. This includes imagery that shows the end-user experience as well as close-ups of various packaging examples. The new site showcases Tri-Cor’s flexible range of capabilities. Subtle animations, eye-catching sliders, and a perfect balance of photos and text all serve to engage and connect website visitors with the company.

The website user can scroll to the Product Catalog to view simple, easy-to-understand product lines. This page highlights the key benefits and customizable options available from Tri-Cor, plus a custom quote form.

Under its Capabilities page, Tri-Cor shares a comprehensive range of services and partnership opportunities. The Markets subpages clearly define the array of industries that Tri-Cor serves, and how its product line can cater to each market. Finally, the Latest News section features a blog to aid in thought leadership, new product announcements, and search engine ranking.

The entire site is flooded with calls to action, ensuring every website visitor can easily take action on the next steps with Tri-Cor.
Webfitters also completed extensive keyword research and content optimization, to help Tri-Cor receive the best possible search engine ranking. Our team also provided writing support for the Tri-Cor marketing team and has an ongoing digital marketing package to help promote the new site and improve traffic to the site.

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