Center For Suicide Awareness

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The Center for Suicide Awareness is a beacon of hope and support, dedicated to providing resources and outreach to families and individuals during their most challenging times. The Center’s mission extends into innovative programs. One of them is the HOPELINE™, a text-based service that delivers emotional support nationwide, accessible by texting HOPELINE™ to 741741. This pivotal program offers immediate help, meeting people where they are whenever they need it most. Additionally, the Center plays a vital role in suicide prevention among veterans through the “I Challenge You to 22” initiative, which distributes Challenge Coins bearing messages of hope and encouragement. These coins are now being used by police departments across Wisconsin and beyond, providing a tool for officers to support veterans experiencing difficulties.

The Center for Suicide Awareness’s old website had several critical issues, including broken links, outdated information, and a lack of mobile responsiveness. The overabundance of content made navigation cumbersome, detracting from the user’s ability to access necessary support quickly. Additionally, critical functionalities such as the online store and donation links were non-operational, hindering the organization’s fundraising efforts and ability to engage effectively with its audience.


Our team at Webfitters partnered with the Center for Suicide Awareness to deliver a comprehensive redesign that realigns the website with the organization’s mission and the needs of its users. The redesign began with a collaborative effort to develop a reimagined sitemap that enhances navigation and user experience. We optimized the content for clarity and ease of navigation and prioritized mobile responsiveness to ensure the site is accessible on all devices. Engaging visuals were integrated to create an inviting and supportive online environment. Special attention was given to making critical information and support resources readily available, assisting individuals in need swiftly and effectively. To better serve the needs of the community and enhance the online presence of the Center for Suicide Awareness, we implemented several significant features:

  • Reimagined Sitemap: We worked closely with the client to redesign the sitemap, enhancing ease of navigation and ensuring alignment with the organization’s mission.
  • Content Optimization: Our content team refined the site’s content to optimize user experience, making information accessible and navigation more intuitive.
  • Mobile Optimization: Recognizing the essential need for accessibility, the site was fully optimized for mobile devices, ensuring users can access support anytime, anywhere.
  • Engaging Visuals: The website now features engaging visuals that create a supportive and appealing environment, helping to foster a sense of community and understanding.
  • Easy Access to Resources: We prioritized the accessibility of critical resources, making it easy for individuals needing help through clear, direct pathways.
  • eCommerce Integration: An eCommerce platform, integrated with Printful, was introduced to facilitate merchandise sales, supporting the organization’s fundraising efforts.
  • Reworked Donate Feature: The donation functionality was revamped to be more engaging and user-friendly, encouraging more robust participation and visitor support.The transformation of the Center for Suicide Awareness website has profoundly impacted the organization’s ability to serve its community. By addressing functional deficiencies and enhancing user engagement, the redesigned site now effectively supports the organization’s mission of suicide prevention and awareness. Improved navigation, streamlined access to resources, and the restoration of crucial functionalities like donations and merchandise sales empower the Center to reach more individuals in need, enhance community engagement, and bolster its fundraising capabilities.

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