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BioTrack is a comprehensive cannabis solution software that tracks, monitors, and reports throughout the entire seed-to-sale journey. Based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, they work with state legislation, cannabis growers, and dispensaries to ensure transparency in the cannabis industry on all levels.

BioTrack was looking for an updated website that focused on the look and feel of the website, organization of content, and integration of forms into Salesforce. With the amount of data, legalities and changes in the cannabis industry, it was important that their website was as dynamic as their industry.

We worked closely with the BioTrack team to create a website that is as unique as they are.


BioTrack’s previous website had a dark theme, unorganized content and information that needed a better way to be displayed.

To start, we created a sitemap and general strategy for trimming down the content. By keeping the content concise and only the most relevant information, we decreased the confusion and overwhelm that viewers previously felt when visiting the site.

The feel of the website was lightened through the use of a white background paired with complimentary accent colors like blue and purple. Colored icons help call out unique features and capabilities of BioTrack’s product while real images of cannabis operations reinforce the authenticity of the company (early starters of the company were cannabis growers themselves). We wanted the look of the website to capture people’s attention and generate interest and intrigue into a relatively new industry.

Additional functions of the website include:

  • Integration of all website contact forms into Salesforce, so BioTrack can track and monitor leads
  • GDPR/ADA compliance
  • Comprehensive blog to showcase latest news, products and services
  • Mobile-friendly optimization

Two of the biggest triumphs of the BioTrack’s website include the Markets page – where an interactive map shows state-by-state legislation to help users learn about their state’s regulations – and the content work that our team did for the Solutions subpages. These pages include Cannabis Cultivation Software, Dispensary Point-of-Sale, and Cannabis Processing and Manufacturing Software.

For most of our builds, customers choose to use their previously written content for their new website. In the case of BioTrack, they needed support strengthening the content for these pages and enlisted our help. Without hesitation we jumped right in, researching their industry and trying to better understand their solutions through company presentations, brochures, and other marketing material they had available. Now, they have thorough content that reinforces and accurately depicts the solutions that their software provides so users have more insight into what exactly BioTrack is offering.

Congratulations to the BioTrack team on the launch of their new website! We know that with their new digital platform they are on their way to becoming a leader in software solutions for the cannabis industry. We are excited to continue to work with them as they leverage digital marketing strategies to grow their online presence.


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