6 Tools to Help You Boost Your Blog

Now that you have your blog going, what’s next? Have you thought about how you can make your blog appear first in the search engine results? No matter what you blog is, from digital marketing to pranic healing, there will always be some competition. What you can do is to apply a strategy where you can create contents of the highest quality. If you succeed in doing this, the positive results you are waiting for will soon follow.

In this article, we will look at six tools that can help in improving the content quality of your blog as well as increase engagement, and beat your competition.

1. HubSpot Blog Topic Generator

As your blog grows, it can get quite difficult to generate new and engaging topics. As you cover the topics you want to write about, it might get more and more challenging to come up with angles that are unique for each and every post. For these kinds of issues, HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator can surely help you. Imagine this tool doing all the work for you and providing you with the next ideas for your latest posts.

To use this tool, you fill in the fields with some of the keywords that you’re planning to write about. After that, the tool will create a week’s worth of titles for your blog posts. How easier can it get, right? For sure, some titles may work for you and some may not. What you can do is to treat it as an exercise to stimulate your brain. You can still get ideas from the titles generated by the tool. Remember that you can always try again with a different set of keywords to generate new titles.

2. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is one of the top tools that can help you in making sure that you stick with your topic in each post that you create. It is a very simple yet very useful tool. Along with the top-notch results, you get to have something which you can write about for each day of the week.

The first step to take is a rather simple one; you can start by writing a topic you have in mind in the search bar. The search will then provide a variety of results. The results include a list of the top performing content. It is measured by social shares. Once you see the results, you will have a better idea on where to start.

You can create a blog post that is sure to stand out from the rest. Not only will you be making a high-quality content, but you will also be making ones that are sure to provide your audience with the kind of information they are looking for.

3. Hemingway Editor

Do you want to your writing to be bold and clear? Hemingway Editor is a tool that can help you with that. It’s a tool that you can certainly take advantage of. Hemingway Editor can help you create high-quality content using simple sentences with no errors.

You may find yourself struggling with this tool at first. You have to remember that editing a blog post can be as challenging as creating one. But if you get the hang of this tool, you will see that it is all well worth it.

4. Piktochart

Blog content doesn’t only mean written content. If you find that that isn’t your forte, you can always find other ways of expressing yourself. An example of this is through infographics. People are often drawn visually. Some may not find reading articles too appealing. Here, you can take advantage of infographics.

You can always hire a professional designer to make one for you. But if that isn’t one of your options and you find that you do not have the skills to make them yourself, this is where Piktochart comes in. Piktochart will do the work for you and create high-quality infographics that will suit your needs. You can begin by selecting a template that you think will match the content and style of your blog. After that, just add the content, easy as that!

5. Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

Have you thought about the emotional marketing value of the headlines of your blog? Sounds strange, doesn’t it? But this is something you may have to consider from now on. Reaching out to your audience on an emotional level, touching on their pain points, you are most likely to reach your goals.

Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer is a tool that can help you in understanding the emotional marketing value of your blog’s headline. With this tool, you don’t have to second guess anymore if you are using the right words that can make an impact on your audience. It lays everything out for you. You can continually tweak your headline until it gains a good score. You can even combine this with HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator to create the best possible blog titles.

6. Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides you with analytics data such as your website’s number of visitors, top keywords, and top sources, among the many. These kinds of data can help you in creating content of even higher quality.

What you can do is examine the most visited pages in your blog the past month. Do this by going to Behavior, and then Site Content, and then All pages. Once you are there, you can change the search so it can display the results of the past month. After the results are shown to you, you can then review it. By studying these kinds of results, you can get a better idea of what interests your audience.

You can then create content around those topics and continually engage your audience. Google Analytics can help you by using your past data so you can create better-quality contents for the future.


Business blogging can lead to a positive return on your investment. Keeping that in mind, it is easier to see the importance of giving time, resources, and a well thought of strategy to your blog. However, also remember that there is a difference between blogging and blogging purposefully, and this means providing quality and useful content for your audience.

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Nicolas Finet is the Co-founder of Sortlist. He is focused on growth, deploying talent and efforts to make it always faster. Visit his website at http://www.sort-list.co.uk/ .