Share Your Nonprofit Cause with a Google Ad Grant

Published on October 30, 2023

Nonprofit organizations have so many powerful tools at their disposal to promote their causes and reach a wider audience. Among these tools, the Google Ad Grant program stands out as one of the best ways for nonprofit organizations to raise awareness and garner support without incurring advertising costs.

In this blog, we’ll explore what the Google Ad Grant program is, how your nonprofit can benefit from it, and how to qualify.

What is a google ad grant?

Google Ad Grants are a unique way for eligible nonprofit organizations to post text-based ads on Google Search. The ads will help to expose your cause to a vast audience, ultimately increasing your organization’s visibility to potential supporters and donors.

Even more impressively, you don’t need to worry about requesting this budget; it will be pre-loaded into your account, simplifying the process of getting started.

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How Can Your Nonprofit Benefit from Google Ads? 

The Google Ad Grant program offers 2 big advantages that can significantly boost your nonprofit’s impact:

  1. Connect People to Your Cause: By utilizing Google Ad Grants, you can effectively connect individuals to your organization’s mission. These ads can drive traffic to your website, inform people about your initiatives, and inspire them to get involved.
  2. Level the Playing Field: Nonprofit organizations, regardless of their size, can benefit from Google Ads. In fact, Google Ads rewards relevance, meaning that smaller, local grantees using location-specific keywords and targeting may appear before larger, national organizations.

This is a great feature that allows small-medium sized nonprofits to stand out, particularly during crucial periods like the year-end giving season.

How Do You Qualify for Google Ad Grants? 

Qualifying for Google Ad Grants is relatively straightforward but requires meeting a few essential criteria:

  1. Eligible Nonprofit Status: Your organization must be recognized as an eligible nonprofit in your country. Google provides a list of eligible countries and regions on their website, along with their rules and regulations about which nonprofits may qualify.
  2. High-Quality Website: Your nonprofit’s website must meet Google’s website policy, ensuring that it provides a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate, and informative experience for visitors.
  3. Program Compliance: Your organization must adhere to the program policies set by Google Ad Grants, including the requirement to actively manage your AdWords account. Learn more about the Google Ad Grant policies on their website.

The Google Ad Grant program is a phenomenal opportunity for nonprofit organizations to expand their reach, raise awareness, and drive support without incurring any advertising costs. Don’t miss out on the chance to boost your nonprofit’s mission and make a positive change in the world. To see if your nonprofit qualifies and to apply for this incredible opportunity, visit Google Ad Grants.

By making use of Google Ads, you can connect people to your cause and make a real impact. At Webfitters, we specialize in building effective Google Ad campaigns that boost awareness for our clients. If your nonprofit doesn’t have the skillset or time to set up your Ad Grant program, we’d love to help. Learn more about how we can help manage your Google Ads by calling 920.339.5207 today.