Yardfully – Marketing Case Study

Google & YouTube Ads, Retargeting Ads, eCommerce Standard Shopping Campaign


A division of Presto GeoSystems and Reynolds, Yardfully got its start in 2012 when they took their outdoor building solutions from industrial applications to residential backyards. Their product line provides versatility for DIY enthusiasts with GEOBIN® composters, raised garden beds, grass pavers, and more. Equipped with impeccable branding, a sleek, modern logo, and a stunning and functional new eCommerce website (all provided by Webfitters), it was time for our team to get to work on a digital marketing plan for Yardfully. The biggest challenge was the fact that they were a new company, and despite having some online success with GEOBIN, they were pretty “green” on the world wide web.


Beyond a cohesive brand aesthetic and intuitive website, Yardfully needed to be found by their target audience – the home gardener and “backyard DIY-er”. Utilizing high-impact keywords identified by our Google-certified SEO experts, we developed a pretty aggressive campaign for Yardfully to ensure they made a quick splash online. See below for a list of strategies.

  • We began with a comprehensive Google Ads strategy.
  • YouTube ads were also employed to boost brand awareness of Yardfully’s GEOBIN® Composter
  • Pay-Per-Click ads were set up to capture consumers actively searching for similar products.
  • Remarketing ads then targeted previous site visitors, keeping them familiar with the Yardfully brand and product line
  • Finally, to put (and keep) Yardfully in front of their potential customers and their competition, a Standard Shopping Campaign was developed to help funnel more Google searches toward on-site conversions.

Our aggressive approach proves to have paid off. The site currently averages around 300-350 users per day. Google Analytics shows a 65% engagement rate (measured outside of peak season), and the website has been averaging an impressive 16% increase in conversions each month through Google Ads campaigns!

Working closely with Yardfully’s Marketing team, we have set new goals for the upcoming season and hope to continue to improve upon our numbers. If you think your website could use a boost, contact Webfitters today!


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