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Terry Naturally Vitamins is a health and wellness supplements retailer and distributor. It’s their mission to provide the very best supplements with clinically-studied ingredients to help support a healthy lifestyle.In order to expand business and sell more products online, Terry Naturally Vitamins reached out to Webfitters looking for an eCommerce solution.

Magento eCommerce Store

With over 10 years of experience in eCommerce, the Webfitters team was perfectly equipped to handle the task at hand. Working closely with the team at Terry Naturally Vitamins, the Webfitters Developers built a custom website integrated with a custom Magento eCommerce store. 

Custom Website Design

The TerryNaturallyVitamins.com Magento store is organized into different product categories based on the unique purposes of each supplement. The website is organized into categories including: All Products, Customer Favorites, New Products, Categories, and Wellness Packages. This organizational structure ensures customers can easily find familiar products and discover completely new products through a variety of means on the website.

Easy Product Management

On the back-end of the website, the staff at Terry Naturally Vitamins is able to manage their product listings, write product descriptions, supplement facts, FAQs, and add testimonials for each product. This allows them to keep information updated and edit content accordingly when any changes arise.

Complete eCommerce Tracking

The Terry Naturally Vitamins Magento store is equipped with many back-end features that automatically track eCommerce activity to give the client a complete picture of their business success. The Terry Naturally Staff can log in at any time and see their complete sales profile, know which products perform the best, and more.

TerryNaturallyVitamins.com is another great example of a successful eCommerce integration built by the team at Webfitters.

Case Study Takeaway: If you’re in need of an eCommerce solution, Webfitters can build exactly what you need!