Roster The People – Valley Management Employee App

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Roster The People is an internal organization app designed as an efficient way to keep team members organized and connected. The app allows you to manage all of your contacts in one space utilizing a detailed, visual directory that can be subdivided into organizations or groups to help you stay familiar with your team(s).

App Features

  • Organize your roster by organization, location, department, or role
  • Easily search contacts within an organization or by name
  • Display a photo, detailed contact information, and personal notes for each contact
  • Stay familiar with your team and connect with your contacts directly within the app

Designed for business owners and leadership who want to visually identify key players within their organization, this app is an essential business solution for streamlining internal process and communications. But, it’s business use case isn’t the only area in which this app can be beneficial. Roster The People can be used professionally or casually, from business departments to car club enthusiasts and everything in between.

  • Multi-unit managers and supervisor
  • Enthusiast clubs
  • Larger, layered organizations
  • Business owners and leadership
  • Sports teams and fantasy leagues
  • Cooperatives and grassroots organizations
  • Nonprofit organizations and charities

Stay organized, and stay familiar with your team. Download Roster the People today!

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