Oral Health Partnership

WordPress Website, Educational Blog, Donate Feature, Request an Appoint Form, and ADA Compliance
Creating a new website is never easy, but Webfitters made it easy on us! They were quick and informative with questions and concerns, including user experience, SEO, and making our site ADA compliant. It was a really great experience for us, and they were great to work with - even making some changes in the days before the site launch! If you're looking at a new website, look at Webfitters!


Oral Health Partnership was the winner of our most recent BIG BANG non-profit website giveaway! They are a non-profit organization that provides oral health services to uninsured and underinsured ‘tots to teens’ in the Brown County community. On a mission to achieve excellence in oral health practices, education, and disease prevention, it became apparent that their entire web presence needed an upgrade.

Through our discovery meetings with Oral Health Partnerships, the Webfitters team was inspired by their mission and vision to create a website that both conveyed their enthusiasm for this important work and addressed digital pain points.

Major changes needed:

  • An updated and reorganized website
  • Site flow and user experience
  • Improved infographics to drive donations
  • Call-to-actions for potential donors
  • A community support page to provide important information


Utilizing warm, bright colors and strong messaging, we included authentic patient photos and animated icons to engage and endear site visitors. The bright colors helped relate to a positive change in the community and strong visuals helped with connecting to a large demographic including patients, volunteers, and financial backers. Easy to read fonts and simple site navigation were added to address any possible language or education barriers.

With a reworked site map, the new site flows through concisely-structured content divided into sections dedicated to different audiences. The addition of a bar across the top of the website addresses the need for visitors to quickly find contact information and request an appointment. An Education tab and an educational blog help connect OHP resources with patients, while a site search bar makes information even easier to find.

Our major additions are:

  • An improved site map
  • A navigation bar across the top of the website
  • ADA compliant for the visually impaired
  • An educational blog page
  • A site search bar to quickly find information
  • Infographics and calls-to-action to donate to OHP

In order to drive donations, infographics were added to the home page, paired with a call for potential donors to help support OHP in their mission, while a donate button can be found by the navigation menu. A showcase slider was added above to the footer to acknowledge and link to OHP’s community partners.

As our most recent BIG BANG winner, Webfitters is proud to have donated a significant portion of our production time for this project.

We hope you’ll take a moment to check out Oral Health Partnership’s new website at https://smilegb.org/.

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