NANDA International

ECommerce WordPress Website, Member Portal, Blog, Event Calendar with Ticketing, and Educational Offerings


NANDA International is an organization dedicated to developing, refining, and promoting consistent terminology in clinical diagnoses from nurses around the world. A designated, standardized process for defining medical terms leads to safer patient care and more effective medical interventions and outcomes. Funding research through their NANDA-I Foundation, they can expand their organization and create a global network of nursing professionals specializing in evidence-based terminology and practices.

NANDA International approached Webfitters in search of solution for their outdated website that hosted unsupported links, content that was difficult to access by viewers, pages that were difficult to update by page admins, and a faulty member portal that refused to work. The content that was on the site struggled to grab viewers attention and provide resources that were up-to-date. One of the biggest roles the organization’s website plays- the educational aspect- was underperforming as course signs ups were difficult and spotty in their functionality.

Their site was not accessible to some non-U.S. Countries which posed a problem for nursing professionals and other viewers looking to utilize the page. Additionally, their website did not have a translate feature which also created an obstacle for international users. As an organization with multinational roots, creating a user-friendly website that catered to international users was a critical point in the rebuild process.


Our team, alongside NANDA board members throughout the world, initially met to establish the short- and long-term goals of the rebuild process which would help shape the overall strategy of the envisioned website.

One of the goals was to attract a younger generation audience while keeping the site user-friendly and in a layout that wasn’t overwhelming to the eye. Now, the homepage features dynamic feeds of news articles and events to keep the page fresh with content. Additional quick links are followed by a testimonial, member benefit, and member feature aimed at drawing in new members. A general search along with an “Explore” dropdown menu was implemented so users can gain quick access to the most popular areas within the site.

To solve the problem of a burdensome user-experience and inaccessibility for international users, our team integrated an onsite translation function to ensure the website was available to all users. A repaired domain name also aids allowing global members to search for and access the site. To further enhance the user experience, we refined the mobile experience for those visiting the site on different types of mobile devices.

In order to maximize the benefits of being a NANDA member, our team had to optimize their portal, so it was running smooth and efficiently. NANDA-I has a member portal that offers a clear call-to-action for new members to join and a JOIN TODAY feature. This page presents users with different membership package tiers that automatically adjust pricing based on the new member’s location or residence. The NANDA-I Member Portal features a standard dashboard, a full resource/file library, and access to the complete International Journal of Nursing Knowledge. We wanted to make sure members were able to fully utilize their membership, so the portal also offers opportunities for members to join various committees and networking groups.

After conducting a content writing audit, we supplied NANDA International with a sense of direction to ensure that the content posted going forward would be engaging for all users. The material that was shown to perform best included all things news, educational content, and informational resources. To address these needs, our team implemented a ‘Latest News’ page. This serves as a news source and blog for the latest in NANDA-I news. The new website includes an ‘Educational Offerings’ drop down in the website’s menu so viewers can gain access to educational content including courses and seminars. The strengthening of the content, and pages that host it, helps reinforce the quality and accessibility of the content on their site.

Congratulations to NANDA International on the launch of their new website. We are excited to see the strides they will make in their mission to advance and improve the terminology and evidence-based practices of the global medical professional. Now that their site is live, our team will be focusing our efforts on their marketing strategy so they can best spread their message through social media, onsite optimization, and so much more.

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