Historic Iris Preservation Society

WordPress Website, Ecommerce, Member Portal, Custom Iris Gallery, Chat Forum, and Resource Library


The Historic Iris Preservation Society (HIPS) is dedicated to preserving rare and historic iris varieties. With irises growing in gardens across the US, HIPS seeks to ensure that notable iris varieties are kept thriving in the gardens of those who share their joy of preserving historic irises.

The previous Historic Iris Preservation Society site was a bit dated and built on a theme that couldn’t handle their current needs.

The main issues were:

  • Site was outdated
  • Not mobile-friendly
  • The overall site flow was disorganized and difficult to navigate
  • With a shop that linked off-site, visitors were unintentionally guided away from the HIPS website, further driving down user retention

With a focus on keeping visitors on-site and engaged, the need for an integrated eCommerce page, as well as a stronger user experience, was evident.


Webfitters worked directly with HIPS to reorganize the site map and user flow so it functions intuitively for the customer. With bold, new, and engaging designs incorporating colorful visuals, the new site jumps off the screen and invites visitors to dive in. The cleaned-up content and responsive design now inspire novice and expert iris enthusiasts alike to explore, learn, and connect.

The biggest features we added were:

  • The Iris Gallery – A way for users to search and filter for specific cultivars, colors, etc. They can also compare up to four different Irises!
  • An updated the site map and user flow
  • Bold, engaging designs with colorful visuals
  • Optimization for mobile devices
  • A Member Portal where members could log in
  • An e-commerce store
  • Strategic calls-to-action throughout the website to encourage visiting the e-commerce store

With it being optimized for mobile, all users can easily view and navigate HIPS’ educational resources, iris-centric programs, and eye-catching historic iris photo gallery. The addition of calls-to-action throughout the new HIPS website encourages visitors to support their mission through donations, purchasing from their on-site e-commerce store, or becoming a member. The newly-built Member Portal also provides access to members-only documents, membership renewal, as well as a dedicated platform for discussing all-things-irises through a customized BBPress Member Forum plugin.

Go see this iris-istible website for yourself at https://historiciris.org/.

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