First Impression Dental – Marketing Case Study

Google Advertising & Search Engine Optimization


Dr. Tim Meyer of First Impression Dental brings over 25 years of dental care experience to his patients in Green Bay, WI. His dental clinic embodies the wealth of knowledge gained through his advanced and ongoing education in the fields of anterior and posterior studies, cosmetic and neuromuscular instruction, sedation dentistry, laser surgery, and the practices – of which he is one of the 0.5% of dentists in the United States – that emphasize full mouth reconstruction and TMJ Therapy with computerized occlusal analysis. To match the level of professionalism that First Impression Dental represents, Dr. Meyer reached out to Webfitters for a custom-tailored website that was as engaging and effective as their services.

After the completion of the website build in October 2019, we sat down with the First Impression team to ensure that their website functioned as it was intended: increase traffic, create conversions, and expose users to the dental care benefits provided by Dr. Meyer and his team. Through a series of meetings/consultations, we put together a strategy…


Our first step was optimizing the site for search. In December 2019, we dove into their Google Analytics, conducted extensive keyword research for organic and paid marketing efforts, mapped and optimized the site’s metadata, and revamped the on-page copy.

One of the most impactful additions to our work done with First Impression Dental was the launch of a paid Google Ads campaign. The ads campaign currently targets Brown County and includes an ad for each one of their service areas: comprehensive family care, periodontal care, cosmetic dentistry, and dental implants, just to name a few.

Throughout December and into the New Year, the ad campaign consistently increased user traffic to their site on a pretty large scale. As you can see in the below chart, 2020 and beyond has a higher average number of users than the previous year. The vast majority of conversions were stemming from paid (45.4% of goal completions) and organic searches (39.7% of goal completions). The below data represents the growth that First Impression Dental has seen since working with Webfitters.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 created a large obstacle for the Google Ads campaign as client services were shuttered following government lockdown protocols. Instead of completely disbanding the ad campaign efforts altogether, our team reduced the campaign to 20 percent to still allow exposure to ads targeting their most popular services. This meant that users were still seeing First Impression Dental content despite the inability to physically ‘see’ them. When lockdowns started to lift and life began to return to some sense of normalcy, Dr. Meyer and his team were able to begin operating safely once again.

As a result of our Google Ads campaign and the backlog of patients, these last few months at First Impression Dental have been some of the busiest in recent years. Dr. Meyer was excited to inform us that March was the best month of his entire career and expects April to match up as well. In addition, Deb Meyer, First Impression Dental’s Office Manager, gladly reported that they are continuing to “welcome new patients daily”. As our team continues to maintain and improve their Google Ad campaigns, we can expect to see these numbers grow further, especially as people’s daily lives are adjusting to the challenges brought forth by COVID.

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