EPIC Event Center

WordPress Website, Event Feed/Listing, & merchandise store


Where can fellow music-lovers, rock-and-roll enthusiasts, and people who just love concerts, gather to enjoy live music – EPIC Event Center! Located in the heart of the legendary stadium district, EPIC is ideally situated to host fans from Green Bay, Ashwaubenon, the Fox Valley area, and other Northeast parts of Wisconsin. Their venue, which is roughly 25,000 square feet and can hold as many as 2,000 people, prides themselves in their state-of-the-art technologies for the production and lighting of events. Additionally, they have three artist dressing rooms, each with a full bath, artist catering area and dock for effortless equipment unloading.

Mark Skogen, owner of EPIC, and the President and CEO of Festival Foods values the ability to give back to his local community, which is why EPIC Event Center is more than just a venue, it serves as a focal point for bringing friends, family, neighbors, even strangers, together that share a passion for having a good time.

EPIC Event Center approached Webfitters in search of a site that was as awesome as the shows they host. They needed their ambience to be reflected in the design of their website, while still making the site visually appealing. EPIC wanted their website to be easy-to-use for both desktop and mobile users so that the experience of looking through their upcoming shows wasn’t confusing or complicated.

EPIC didn’t just stop there when it came to enhancing the user experience – they thought of everything. They challenged us to create an online platform so they could sell their merchandise and their tickets. Not only that, but they wanted us to find ways to keep the concert goers engaged, and to generate excitement for the national and regional acts they were promoting. With the list of EPIC’s desired attributes in-hand, our team got to work on creating an epic website for their event center.


To kick off the project, our team tackled the theme of EPIC’s website. We wanted to create a website that had an ‘epic’ rock-and-roll feel to it. To accomplish this, we brought in textures, dark backgrounds, black and white filters, and smoky/faded images to capture the ambiance of what a concert venue is supposed to feel like. We used red as an accent color to break up the darkness of the page to really catch the viewer’s attention and draw their eye to important details on the page. When users visit EPIC’s page, they get the same feeling as if they were walking into the venue itself!

Our team worked hard to ensure that the website was responsive, engaging, and focused heavily on an optimized experience for mobile users. The layout, theme, pages, and the flow of the website can be easily configured to display perfectly on a desktop or mobile phone.

From there, our team moved onto the event calendar. We needed to find a way to display the upcoming events in a way that was easy to read and captured the critical details related to the performance. Our team created the Upcoming Events page to showcase the future acts EPIC would be hosting. In chronological order, fans can scroll through the different bands that are scheduled to perform and find key information like the time, date, and cost of a ticket. Users also can purchase tickets and locate seats through conveniently placed venue maps. The upcoming shows are also streamed directly to the home page which creates a clear path to the tickets.

Next, we worked on the engagement piece of EPIC’s website build. This included the online store where they can sell their fan gear and EPIC fan club they can join. The Merchandise store hosts all of EPIC’s swag including shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and drinkware. This allows the fans to purchase all the sweet gear they want directly from their website. With a few simple clicks, the memorabilia can go from the page to the shopping cart, to their front door. Our team integrated an email or text club so fans can be notified when their favorite bands from their favorite genres will be performing.

A big round of applause to EPIC Event Center on the launch of their new website! Our team enjoyed creating a website that was as big as this venue’s persona. We can’t wait to see what amazing acts EPIC will be hosting in the future. Stay tuned!

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