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Once a website is built and live on the internet, it takes more than just the initial announcement to drive an audience to your site. Our digital marketing services at Webfitters allows us to take a deeper dive into the behaviors and decisions your viewers are making in order to increase your business’s key metrics. Running audits, analyzing data, competitor benchmarking, tracking site performance, and launching ad campaigns are only some of what we do. Our digital marketing analytics can be done on all website- even ones that weren’t built by our team! Running performance and other health audits on your website can ensure transparency in all of your digital endeavors.

About a year ago, Environmental Health & Safety Consultant approached our team at Webfitters in search of someone to help with the quality, optimization, and overall conversions of their website. With much of their business in the service industry- providing solutions to meet environmental, health, and safety services- they desperately needed a way to generate more leads and conversions. And looking back, our team did just that. In the following portfolio you will find the issues, solutions, and results that our digital marketing measures had on the success of their business.

Prior to working with us, Environmental Health & Safety Consultant had launched Google Ad campaigns and attempted other means of search engine optimization (SEO) but it wasn’t until our team conducted multiple audits that we determined why their efforts were not making any improvements. Hoping to generate more traffic to their site, we got to work right away.


Working with the client we were able to map out the best placement for the most relevant keywords that would lead to tangible results. In addition to pinpointing keywords, a technical audit was run to ensure the site was technically sound for a solid SEO foundation. In our audits we also came across a handful of other problems that would lead to systematic irregularities in the website- which would hurt SEO efforts. Duplicate meta titles and descriptions and no secure socket layer (SSL) were part of the reason Environmental Health & Safety Consultant was having difficulties seeing success in traffic and conversion goals.

After the site was thoroughly analyzed and the changes to the SEO foundation made, our team got to work on their Google Ad campaigns. We reworked their existing ad campaign to better target more strategic locations based on the traffic we were seeing in their analytics. By targeting very specific, modified keywords with quality ad copy to reflect each keyword or phrase, we ensured that Environmental Health & Safety Consultant would be the most relevant result in online searches. In addition, we created landing pages to ensure a satisfactory user experience from the time of their initial search query, to clicking on the ad, to finding exactly what they needed.

After launching their reworked Google Ads campaign in July of 2020, Environmental Health & Safety Consultant saw a 650% increase in conversions from July-September 2020 compared to the beginning of the year in the January-June 2020 timeframe. They also saw an increase in their goal completions through both paid and organic traffic.

Screen Shot from Environmental Health & Safety Consultant Google Ads Performance

Our digital marketing services will thoroughly benefit new and existing customers because they can better understand the ‘why’ behind their analytics and metrics. Strengthening the digital marketing of your website can start right away alongside the design and development of your website. Learn more about what we offer in terms of digital marketing here. To speak to a member of our team contact us today!

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