For many sales representatives, access to product information is essential for successfully performing their job and closing deals.

In industries where product options may not be entirely straightforward, having information like product features, models, colors, and pricing easily accessible can make a difference in the buyer journey and overall customer experience. 


At Webfitters, we work to streamline data organization and create apps that aid internal processes and mitigate confusion and overwhelm. Our team recently worked with Crestliner boats, alongside our agency partner Redfish Collective, to create an internal application for their sales team and dealer networks. 

The Crestliner Boat app will serve as a comprehensive resource for their sales representatives, consolidating their product data in a central location and controlling it through Webfitter’s custom CMS (content management system).

This app will allow dealers and sales reps to easily find product information and create accurate pricing packages for their customers while ensuring acceptable margins are met. Through the Crestliner mobile app, dealers can view their costs, margins, pricing, boat options and more instantly..

Features at a glance:

  • Home dashboard which displays 6 major folders: Specs, Boats, Media Links, Crestliner Advantage, Appendix, and Promos/NAP
  • Adjustable preferences that allow sales reps and dealers to filter data by year, dealer, pricing, and more, to create a stronger experience 
  • Sections for the latest releases – the 2024 Boats break down by type (fish, sport, hunting) and shows the models available within each type
  • Each boat model’s page contains relevant information like the specs, features, colors, packages, images, trailer prices, and specific pricing for the different options (i.e engine size, additional add-ons,etc)
  • Freight options feature so customers can better understand the costs associated with shipping and transportation

All product data, like specs and features, can be changed in the CMS, which then instantaneously pushes to the mobile app where it will reflect the updated information

Adjustable, internal pricing configurations can also be controlled through the CMS. Our team worked with Crestliner on nuanced equations to meet the varied pricing structures of the different boat lines and unique calculations for any promotions or other necessary inputs that would impact the overall cost of their product.

We worked closely with the team at Crestliner and their project management partner to create an application that would effectively organize their data, provide accurate pricing and packaging options, and improve the dealer/sales rep’s relationship with customers who were ready to take home a Crestliner boat.


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