Brown County Fair – Marketing Case Study

Social Media Management


Brown County Fair was struggling to engage with their audience on social media – particularly Facebook. They were mainly using Facebook to give recognition to Fair sponsors. This was satisfying their relationship with sponsors, but it wasn’t intriguing their audience, growing their following, or funneling people back to their website. The numbers were down, and BCF needed a solution.


Our first step was to analyze their existing following and measure what sort of posts they were engaging with. Next, we did some market research followed by a full-on social media strategy.

Here are a few highlights to our plan:

  • Our analysis showed that the use of real-life photography allowed posts to perform better than those that used graphics. We shifted our focus to photography.
  • We shifted post copy to include our audience more by asking questions to get them involved.
  • We put together a consistent posting schedule in order to maintain a connection with our audience.

We compared data from the month of November to the month of December (when the new campaign began). Here is what we found:

  • Page reach increased over 280%
  • Post views saw a spike with the new style of posts
  • The new style of posts also boosted the engagement of older styles as well
  • Posts started to see higher likes, more commenting, and increased shares.

Webfitters has continued to monitor the BCF Facebook and continues to improve on a solid strategy throughout the entire year to help gain attention to the Brown County Fair in August.

If you are looking to level up your social media and digital marketing strategy with smart solutions like this, then contact Webfitters today, and let’s get your company growing again!


Increase in Facebook Reach

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