[VIDEO INSIDE] 5 Reasons To Use Webfitters Analytics

Published on December 16, 2019

Here at Webfitters, we aim to provide so much more than just a good looking website or application. Our goal is to build something that truly works, and serves as a meaningful tool for your business.

Whatever that purpose or goal is, whether your new website is your main sales tool, or a place to build relationships and provide meaningful and helpful resources to your audience; the best way we can measure that effectiveness and success is with website analytics. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why having Webfitters take a deep-dive into your website analytics on a regular basis is essential to success:

  1. Here at Webfitters, we believe success is proven in the numbers alone, it’s what holds us accountable for the product we deliver to you, our clients.
  2. Webfitters uses Google analytics to track the websites we build. Google Analytics is completely free to use. We believe the key to quality website analytics is not some fancy tool, but rather the analyst reading the numbers. Google Analytics can tell us not only how many times your website has been viewed, but it can tell us where those users came from, are they returning visitors, or brand new. It can tell us where they’re located, what device they’re using and even tell us their gender or age range. Additionally, Google Analytics can provide more in-depth insight such as, determining what pages on your site generate more leads, and in turn, what pages might need some enhancements or changes based on how many people may be abandoning or bouncing from that page.
  3. Here’s the kicker, and reason #3 to lean on Webfitters. Google Analytics can provide you the metrics, but Google Analytics cannot provide insight into what those numbers and metrics actually mean for your goals. That’s where I can help. My name is Shelby, and I am the lead digital marketing strategist here at Webfitters. I am certified by Google in analyzing Google Analytics as well as developing and managing Google Advertising campaigns. My job is to analyze these numbers, and provide actionable insight into what these numbers mean to your goals and ultimately your bottom line. I take the numbers and turn those numbers into opportunities for improvement and growth.
  4. Which brings me to reason #4. Our goal is to protect your website investment, and one way we can do that is by saving you time analyzing your website’s performance.
  5. Finally, reason #5, Webfitters will not only discover these opportunities through analyzing your website’s performance, but we will also work closely with you to truly understand how these numbers are impacting your business, and how we can work together to improve the user experience of your website, and overall performance in this digital space.

If you’d like to learn more about how your website is performing, and what opportunities may be waiting for you by receiving monthly website analytics reports, log onto webfitters.com.