[VIDEO INSIDE] 5 Keys To Designing a Successful Website

Published on October 15, 2019

So you’re building a new website. You’re going to invest a good amount of time and cost, and now you need for it to produce. A well put together website or application can do a lot for your business or organization…and it all starts with DESIGN.

So we’re going to talk about 5 keys to designing a successful website.

  1. Setting Project Goals – what do you want your website to do, who are you building it for, and what equals success. Make sure everyone involved in the project is on the same page during this phase.
  2. Research – A lot of designers want to just dive right in to a project like this. It is important to get a feel for what you are building. Researching websites within your industry can be a huge help. Also, If the project is a rebuild, you may have access to previous analytics. Analytics can tell you a lot about how users have used your site in the past and how you want it to work in the future.
  3. Usability or User Experience – It’s important to know who you are designing for and make sure the site makes sense to them. At the end of the day, it’s all about the end user or customer. Is your target audience young or old? male or female? visiting from a phone or laptop? Identifying these things and creating a smooth user experience will help connect with your audience.
  4. Overall Aesthetic – this part is a bit tricky. We have seen beautiful websites that are extremely difficult to use as well as bland looking websites that are very informative. The key here is balance. Inform and inspire. Be creative, but make build something that makes sense.
  5. Testing and Reviews – Once the site is built and ready for launch, go through and review from top to bottom. Be precise. Be stubborn. Think like the end user. Ask others to help review. Make sure it is doing what it needs to do, and don’t settle for less.

So there you have it. 5 keys to designing a successful website. If you would like to learn more about our design/build process or how Webfitters can help your business online, go to webfitters.com.