Is Your Website Performing Well? Here are 3 Things to Consider

Published on September 19, 2019

Understanding if your website is doing its job is important in determining whether your website is providing you a satisfying return-on-investment. The first step to determining if your website is performing well starts with understanding what purpose your website serves for your business. Is your website a sales tool? Is it an informational resource? Is it a place to inspire and cultivate a community for your brand? Different goals for your website’s purpose mean different metrics to determine your website’s effectiveness. This blog walks through 3 considerations when analyzing your website’s performance.

1. Google Analytics: Are you monitoring your website’s traffic on a regular basis? If you’re not, you’re missing out. Google Analytics is a free tool that tracks all of your website traffic such as page views, visitor location, referral sources, conversion and event tracking, and so much more. Reporting on your key performance indicators on a monthly basis will help you stay on top of how your website is performing based on its purpose in your business. You’ll spot behavior trends, and even opportunities to improve your website’s content to move visitors into conversion territory. This monthly reporting is even offered as a service at Webfitters!

2. Organic Search Rankings: Analyzing how your website performs in organic search is important for growth as well as competition. Did you know that 95% of all clicks in search go to the first result on the page? With search being such a competitive space, optimizing your website for search is absolutely essential to success in search. lets you see how you rank for specific keywords, and SEMRush allows you to see how you rank compared to your competitors. This information is extremely helpful when optimizing your website and picking the keywords to target. In addition to analyzing your keywords and rankings, SEMRush can also perform technical audits to determine things like site load speed, metadata performance, broken links, opportunities for code to be cleaned up, and so much more.

3. Observation study: Go directly to the source, your visitors! Observe and analyze how users interact with your website in real time. Do they struggle to find the right buttons they need? Are they seeing the right information at the right time to help them make decisions? Are they satisfied with their experience on your site? Ask for feedback and use the feedback for the betterment of your website. After all, even the most beautiful of websites are useless if the user isn’t satisfied.

If you’re not sure if your website is doing its job, these 3 considerations can help – and so can Webfitters! If you know your website needs some help, we can help with that, too – we’d love to chat!