Case Study: Hi-Tech Plastics Website & Marketing

Published on April 10, 2019

About The Client

Hi-Tech Plastics, Inc is custom stretch film and wrap manufacturer located in northeast Wisconsin. With over 25 years of being in business, they are one of the country’s premier suppliers for colored and specialty stretch film/wrap. Webfitters and Hi-Tech Plastics have been working together for the past 4 years.

The Challenge

While the original website for Hi-Tech Plastics was receiving an adequate amount of traffic, the overall design and user experience was lacking. There was a minimal amount of product information, which likely led to a loss in potential customers. Finally, we were relying solely on the website’s natural presence within Google to drive traffic and online sales, which resulted in the page listing out on the second page of most search engines.

The Solution

The new website for Hi-Tech Plastics focuses on giving visitors a visually-appealing experience. The bright colored design corresponds with the specialty colored films that they offer their customers. Each product page includes photos and specific information that potential buyers would need when conducting their research. The site also features a contact/RFQ page that makes it easy for visitors to contact Hi-Tech Plastics for additional information.

We also launched a Google Ads campaign that corresponded with the new website to help increase our search presence. Our advertisements would be shown to people based on a list of specific keywords related to stretch film and stretch wrap and would entice readers to visit various product pages.

The Results

Since launching the new website and corresponding Google Ads campaign, Hi-Tech Plastics has experienced a significant increase in both traffic and sales leads from the website. We’ve increased overall traffic by more than 100% on a monthly basis and have maintained a healthy engagement rate. Visitors are spending between 1 and 2 minutes on the site and are taking multiple actions per visit.

With the new website and SEO strategy, we’ve been able to increase their organic search ranking from the 2nd page of Google to the 1st page within both the organic and paid results. We’re currently averaging a 4th-5th position on the 1st page for the phrase “stretch film,” which at the end of the day is our ultimate goal when it comes to our SEO efforts. Remembering that a majority of people do not look past the first page, this has played a significant role in the overall success of our online efforts.

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