Case Study: Auto Clinic Of Green Bay

Published on March 5, 2019

About The Client

Auto Clinic of Green Bay is an auto maintenance and repair shop located in Green Bay, WI. Since opening their doors in 2004, they have established themselves as one of the most trusted shops in the area. A few of their many specialties include brakes, exhaust, air conditioning, tune-ups, and other general repairs. Jon Cadieux, owner of Auto Clinic, and his team have more than 20 years of experience in the industry and are dedicated to exceptional service, as well as offering a friendly atmosphere for their customers.

The Challenge

The old website for Auto Clinic of Green Bay was a bit dated and unresponsive. From both a content and user experience perspective, there were a number of areas that needed significant improvement. The site did not display properly on both desktop and mobile devices and made it difficult for users to navigate. From a search engine perspective, they were ranking on the 3rd and 4th page of Google. With 75% of all Google users not looking past the first page, they were receiving little to no traffic and overall visibility.

The Solution

We provided a solution that consisted of two major components – a new website that provides visitors with a smooth experience, and an advertising campaign focused on Google search to capture local consumers. Along with the assistance of the Auto Clinic team, we developed a website that engages visitors through a simple layout and strong visuals. We also feature a “Request An Appointment” form that visitors can quickly fill out and submit.

To help promote the new site, we set up a Google Ads campaign that focuses on attracting local consumers who are searching for “auto repair” and related phrases. The advertisements are designed to display at the top of the Google search results when someone is looking for a specific keyword. Auto Clinic of Green Bay pays Google a small fee to feature their ads on a “per search basis.”

The Results

Since launching both the new website and Google Ads campaign, Jon and his team have experienced a significant increase in both website traffic and overall sales. We’ve increased the number of “Request An Appointment” submissions by roughly 700% on a monthly basis, nearly all of which have converted into sales. From an engagement perspective, visitors are spending a healthy amount of time on the site and are taking multiple actions.

With the new website and SEO strategy, we’ve been able to increase their organic search ranking from the 3rd/4th page of Google to the 1st page within both the search, paid and maps results. Remembering that a majority of people do not look past the first page, this has played a significant role in the overall success of our online efforts.

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