5 Ways to Make Your Website More User Friendly

Published on September 24, 2020

Your website is your most important marketing tool – now more than ever. Challenges faced by Covid-19 have forced businesses to use their website in a variety of new and different ways. The overall customer or user experience (UX) has become a very important part of today’s web design and can play a big role in gaining and retaining your audience. In this article, we will explore 5 ways to create and maintain a strong user experience.

Set Measurable Goals

This should be done before you do anything else. Figure out why you are building your website and who you are building it for. Set up specific and measurable goals so you can hold your website accountable. Your entire website should be built around these goals and should be evaluated frequently to make sure it is doing what it’s supposed to.

Set Clear Calls to Action

Make sure that your audience has a clear and easy path to where they need to go. Set up easy access buttons and pay attention to your placement of calls to action within a page. Create levels of emphasis for callouts to ensure that not everything is high priority. Not everything can be super important. It’s ok if your audience has to search a little for lower priority items.

Reduce Clutter

Plain and simple – LESS IS MORE. Clean up your design elements to provide a cleaner, easier browsing experience. Also, don’t force your audience to make too many choices. You can do this by simplifying your navigation/menu and removing info and pages that may not be important to the user’s online experience.

Speak to Your Audience

Today’s web user needs their info quickly. They tend to scan content more than read it. Cater to your audience’s shorter attention span by replacing long paragraphs with short snippets, bullet points, and visuals or icons. Avoid complex and overly-technical terminology when possible, as you never want to speak over the heads of your audience. Lastly, provide opportunities for them to connect with you if they have questions on anything.

Focus On Your Homepage

Your homepage is your main access point to important information – probably your most frequently visited page. It needs to inform and inspire your audience within a few seconds. Your home page should be set up to give users a general overview of what your business and website offers. This will allow them to make decisions more quickly. Most importantly, your home page should provide a link to contact info or a contact page for the user just looking to quickly connect with you.

A good look and a strong user experience can really allow you to get the most out of your website. We’d love to sit down and chat with you about your existing site or the potential for a new one. Contact Webfitters today for a FREE consultation.