5 Ways A Custom-Built App Can Help Your Business

Published on February 16, 2021

Find solutions for customer management, inventory tracking, product diagnostics, and much more with a custom-built application exclusively from Webfitters.

Applications go beyond the typical functions most people think of when it comes to mobile and web apps! Utilizing custom-built apps in your business can bring about new efficiencies to an otherwise manual process or enhance your ability to serve your client’s requests or issues. In today’s business world, there is an increase in the number of opportunities for engagement, transparency, and solutions, and you can see a positive impact on the way you do business on a daily basis.

Investing in your business is an investment in your success! Below you will find the 5 ways a custom-built app can help your business succeed.

1. Automate and Streamline Operations and Processes
Applications take the manual work out of processes that normally would require an employee or outside vendor to service. By programming an app to automatically start a process once the previous cycle or other process is complete, you save time and money.

For example, our team created an app for a refrigeration company that allowed data to be sent to the team regarding the status of the refrigerator. The data included the temperature of the product, alerts if the temperature dropped too low or too high, and then, in the event that the fridge broke, the app was able to find the nearest service repairmen specializing in that equipment.

Especially helpful in manufacturing, production, and logistics industries, a custom application for your business could be the determining factor in having the most efficient and effective operation.

2. Provide Education and Training
Applications can serve as platforms for hosting educational content, informational documents, and training manuals or modules. Save time and money by easily pushing critical material to the end-user through an application specific to your needs. Having a web application designed by Webfitters means you can effortlessly send new information out on the fly.

The applications we build also include account creation so the users can access training documents or videos related specifically to them. Managers on the back end can then monitor the progress of an individual and award necessary certifications. This benefit of an application can be seen in educational environments, HR, and job training programs, but it doesn’t stop there! Look how Webfitter’s application for Brown County Livestock Auction was able to support, observe, and reward its students for completing their assigned courses!

3. Improve Customer Management and Service
The ability for apps to store data allows for a centralized location for all your customer information. Paperwork is a thing of the past! View client details and other important pieces of information without the inefficient administrative tasks holding you back.

An application not only helps create an efficient customer management process, but it also improves the means of customer service. Apps allow you, as the business, to better serve and provide for your customers or clients. It creates an opportunity for automated communication so your customers can connect with you, or even other customers. Additionally, an app from Webfitters provides the ability for you to track any issues that may come in as well.

With an app you can easily search or filter to the client to check their status, improve communication methods, and add relevant fields of data to improve the quality of your service.

4. Improve Team Workflow
By creating an app for your business, you not only achieve a higher level of transparency with your customers, but it can also effectively improve communication within your own team as well. An application can optimize and centralize the transmission of important information. This means that automatic alerts or notifications can be sent out to mark tasks completed, notify teams of a change in a process, alert of overages, and even help with quality control. This leads to a more productive workforce and reduces the amount of miscommunication which can lead to mistakes or repetitive work being done. Construction companies, IT teams, or large teams in general would benefit greatly from the improved team workflow that our applications offer.

5. Provide Privacy and Security
Enhanced privacy and security allow businesses to feel more confident in the stability of the data they are collecting from their trusted customers and in turn, gives customers peace of mind that the information they are sharing will not be abused, lost, or stolen.

Applications that host Document Management portals can allow for multiple members to access private documents in a secured area. Members or users can share documents quickly and easily. Applications from Webfitters that provide a strong foundation for privacy and security are great for, but not limited to, project management, financial institutions, and construction companies.

Investing in a custom-built application for Webfitters can make your business stand apart from your competitors. The optimized customer service, team workflow transparency, enhanced communication, and effective organization lead to more opportunities for a more efficient workplace.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to see how we can build you your very own, tailored application specific to your business’s unique needs.