5 benefits of a new website for manufacturers

Published on February 7, 2023

The manufacturing industry is as dynamic as ever. Effects from the pandemic, supply chain shortages, employee retention and threats of a recession have created an abundance of challenges that manufacturers are still facing.

The realm of industries that fall under that manufacturing umbrella are seemingly endless but across the spectrum you can find some similarities that separate the successful ones from the subpar ones.

One of the similarities that signals a successful operation is the attention paid to marketing efforts, especially their website. Businesses large and small that understand the importance of a well-built website tend to be better positioned than their competitors.

We’re going to cover the top 5 benefits that building out your website can have for your manufacturing organization.

1.) Credibility & legitimacy

Upon first impression, your website can be a direct reflection of your business. Unfortunately, a potential client may judge the quality of your products by the quality of your site, if not intentionally then subconsciously.

If they see your site is outdated, slow and doesn’t represent the products or services you provide, they’ll be more hesitant to consider you when in the decision-making process.

Having an updated website can prove you are a credible and reputable business. Your website is a great place to display operating or quality certifications, like ISO, and testimonials which helps to instill confidence in potential customers.

2.) Product showcases

Images speak louder than words. Manufacturing portfolios, online catalogs, and other product databases help viewers truly understand the scope of your business, industries you serve and products you manufacture.

Allowing potential and existing customers to browse through your products helps move them through the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey into the consideration stage.

Customers may be more likely to initiate contact with your sales team if they find the product information on your website to be of benefit, relevance or interest to them.

3.) Lead attraction

An attractive website with accessible call-to-actions helps promote brand awareness and interest and can improve the speed at which customers move through the sales funnel.

Not only may you attract more leads with a robust website, but you’ll be attracting quality leads to your business.

Through SEO and digital advertising you can make your website work for you. Target the right audiences with the right products and you’ll significantly increase your conversions and grow your leads.

4.) Recruiting efforts

Websites that showcase your facilities, work, benefits and even team members create a better sense of your company culture.

While not a completely new term, company culture has become an influential factor in employees’ workplace considerations. People like to know what they are getting into at a new job and having a built-out career page can draw in the right kinds of candidates, especially those that will last.

You can mitigate turn-over and attract the right employees by showcasing your workplace, displaying detailed job descriptions and highlighting any benefit or compensation packages on your website.

5.) Expedited processes

If your website hosts forms, online ordering, or call to action buttons you can help expedite certain processes where applicable. This could free up time that allows you to use your resources elsewhere and be an additional channel of income for your business.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Online ordering for standard materials or products
  • Automated repeat orders
  • ‘Request a quote’ forms integrated directly into your website
  • Downloadable resource sheets
  • Customer portals for order history, material information, resources, etc

The benefits that a built-out website can have for your manufacturing business don’t stop there. Having a website that is representative of the quality of your products and organization is essential for driving new leads, capturing sales, and growing your business.


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