Web Application Development

Web Apps. Purpose Built. Market Tested.

At Webfitters®, your business – and its day-to-day needs – drive every facet of the apps we build. We don’t start with a template, fitting your needs into what we assume you might want. Your app is unique, just like you. It’s created to solve specific business problems and the goals you lay out. And, as expected, they’re created to work on any device, mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop, off-site, on-site and everywhere in between..

First, we look at the way YOU work. Not how others work but how your team works. Once identified, we get to work. This model completely eliminates all the unnecessary production hours other firms charge to build completely new systems chock full of random things you may or may not need. Webfitters creates a streamlined solution for you with just the features you want and need. And as always, with Webfitters, there are no licensing feeds and you own the code once completed.

Our applications can be modified at any time, giving you the flexibility to grow as your business grows. This is the strength of custom coding; it’s the foundation of the perfect web app that works for you and with you.

As expected, we work in harmony with you, each step of the way, helping you solve your problems while building greater ROI for your business on every front.

How Can a Web App help Me?

A Web Application can help if you like:

  • Simplified Data - Eliminate or minimize data entry
  • Universal Accessibility – Access critical information wherever there’s internet availability
  • Real-Time Monitoring - Track interactions and user participation
  • Streamlined Tasks - Simplify complex but repetitive tasks
  • Data Integration - Share data between different software
  • Talented Teams - Where know-how meets want-to

    The difference between a good team and a great one begins with talent and chemistry. Webfitters' hand-picked team of developers and support personnel work together as a finely-tuned machine sharing their cross-platform expertise to build the perfect app. With 120+ years of combined experience this team has seen it all; we are constantly ferreting out the best solutions for our clients while expanding our collective technological expertise to ever-growing heights.
  • Best Practices - It's in our DNA

    There is a lot more to good web application development than just knowing the correct code syntax. Webfitters uses Agile software development best practices to ensure your project stays on track while milestones are delivered on time and on budget. We practice a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) approach which means you get a high-performing application before any bells and whistles are added. Why do we do this? It allows you to pause, evaluate the application, then determine if you’d like to add features or functionality per user needs and wants.
  • Quality Assurance - From beginning to end

    As you’ve probably seen a time or two, good quality assurance can be the biggest difference between a job that fails and one that thrives. Webfitters’ QA process encompasses the entire development life cycle from the very beginning of your project all the way through to delivery. Our dedicated QA team will be with you from the outset, rigorously testing your application based on the technical requirements of your project. Our ultimate commitment? Delivering a quality product, every time.

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