Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Generating organic traffic boils down to how much value you’re providing for the individuals who visit your website. By optimizing the technical aspects of your website accordingly, as well as providing a variety of creative and relevant content, you’ll significantly increase your chances for being shown by search engines.

Paid search campaigns are an excellent way to help promote your website without competing on the organic side of things. We’ll help setup, manage and optimize your account to help drive quality traffic to specific pages on your website.

Driving Results One Click At A Time

Webfitters® provides Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing services which is extremely effective in online advertising. Competition for visibility in the search results is fierce and it’s important to claim your real-estate. When paired with our SEO services it is our goal to wean you off of some PPC with the gains in organic listings.

We can develop a strategy that includes appropriate advertising channels and a specific audience to get the results that matter.

Why you should add PPC to your marketing plan?

  • Only pay when a person clicks your add
  • You control your costs by setting your budget
  • Target consumers by specific place and at specific times of day
  • Show results quickly
  • Use data for your other marketing channels