Web Hosting

We don't host just anybody's website...

Webfitters provides full-service hosting for each website we build and maintain. Our fully managed hosting gives our clients assurance to know their website security and property backups are managed around the clock by industry professionals. By hosting our clients alone, you never have to worry about overloaded servers and being put on hold for hours when there is a concern.

Data Center
Our servers are located in large data centers located along major network fiber trunks to ensure fast, reliable connections. This allows us to offer enterprise-level connections and speed, firewalls and backup power supplies along with a myriad of protection and uptime items in place. Our hosting packages include private, dedicated servers to optimize your site’s performance and security. We DO NOT host on public servers, meaning only our clients are on our servers.

Keep Your Website Safe & Secure
Content delivery networks, firewalls and physical protection help keep the wrong users out. We can quickly detect and block unwanted traffic sources to ensure your projects are safe. Standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption and enterprise-level firewalls are included at no additional cost with every single one of our projects.

Disaster Recovery
Automated daily, weekly and monthly backups of your entire website are performed to another data center in the unlikely event that something goes wrong. We can setup on a new account in a different data center quickly and efficiently should any major issues arise. We offer collocation of servers with GEO load balancing to ensure 100% server uptime. The system allows for users to connect to the closest (geographical) server or in an event one data center goes down, all traffic will be routed to the others.