What is Digital Marketing?

Published on January 6, 2023

It’s interchangeable with, yet still different, from marketing. It’s a term we throw around quite often to describe our marketing efforts in the digital space.

But, what really is digital marketing? What makes it unique and so important today? How can we leverage it for our business?

We’re going to answer all your burning questions so in 2023 you can confidently say you know what digital marketing is and how digital marketing can benefit your organization in the new year.

The definition (kind of)

There’s no official definition of digital marketing in most dictionaries. Marketers, industry professionals, and marketing companies have settled on a mutual understanding that it’s a form of marketing that utilizes channels like the internet, social networking platforms and electronic devices for instantaneous, dynamic and even two-way, communicative marketing.

Simply put by Hubspot, it’s “all marketing efforts that use an electronic device and the internet”.

Digital marketing can change as trends change and it relies heavily on connecting users with shared interests or shared problems.

Digital marketing can be carefully tracked, monitored and analyzed, can be automated, and its reach is exponentially more than that of traditional media since, theoretically, every corner of the Earth can be touched by it.

Everyone in the industry may have a slightly nuanced description of what digital marketing is to them, but they can all agree that it’s here to stay for good. It’s the subcategory of marketing that will outshine the rest – it is the future.

Why is it beneficial?

Digital marketing is a low cost marketing strategy that allows your brand to prosper online. The possibilities of how you market are endless, and, with new technologies, trends, and consumer engagement patterns, if one thing doesn’t work, there’s usually something else that will.

Below you will find 5 reasons why digital marketing should be a necessary and integral part of your brand strategy.

5 Reasons digital marketing should be a part of your brand strategy in 2023

  1. Minimal costs, easy accessibility and low barriers to entry
  2. Targeted approach at reaching key customers for higher conversions and returns
  3. Build loyal ambassadors and followers
  4. Data can be easier to capture and measure than traditional marketing
  5. Can provide additional income streams for ecommerce

Being consistent, creating a strategy, and never giving up is the best way to approach your digital marketing strategy in 2023. If you need help putting a results-driven plan together, reach out to our team today!