Webfitters Presents: Your Event Stream

Published on May 19, 2020

COVID-19 has caused the entire world to flip upside down, and people and businesses across the world are having to learn different ways to communicate and conduct business. Days into Wisconsin’s lockdown, we were approached by one of our long-time clients who owns a funeral home. Because of the state based guidelines, funeral homes were not allowed to (and still cannot) have in-person services, so he was struggling to find the best solution to help support the families he serves.

“Necessity is the mother of invention, it is true, but its father is creativity.” -Jonathan Schattke

Through our discovery session with the funeral home’s Director, it was clear that he needed an online solution – something to allow his guests to view services online and keep them safe.The Director was aware of other out of the box solutions available (Facebook, Vimeo, Zoom) but they didn’t quite fit his unique needs which included the following:

  • Privacy/security for families going through troubled times.
  • Ability to connect to an external microphone so that if a funeral was held in a large space (or outdoors) the stream would deliver an uninterrupted, quality sound.
  • The ability for viewers to send messages to the presenter during the live event.
  • A solution for guests who were unable to attend the live stream but still wanted to view the event.
  • Good communication with a developer readily available.
  • Flexibility and the opportunity to grow the product as needed.

After a few short weeks of research and development, the Webfitters team rolled out Your Event Stream; a safe and secure way to virtually stream any live event. Your Event Stream is subscription-based and allows for unlimited streams per month. It DOES NOT require guests to download any type of software (simply click on the invite link and press play). It includes the ability to password-protect streams and allows for up to 250 viewers per event. Viewers can send messages to the presenter during events, and all streams are downloadable for viewers to watch after the event has taken place. Your Event Stream will also allow presenters to connect to an external microphone to improve audio quality when needed.

With every new subscription, we include a free, in-person or virtual training to help you set up your equipment, test your streaming capabilities, and successfully run your first live event. We will be there every step of the way to ensure you are comfortable with your new service.

Your Event Stream is perfect for funeral homes, fitness instructors, educators, churches, trade shows, corporate trainers, public speakers, and other virtual-type events.

Contact us today for a free demo or to learn more about how Your Event Stream could help you and your business stay connected.