We Are Webfitters

User Experience Design

You have 3 seconds to capture your visitor's attention. Now What?

You know from personal experience that a well designed website keeps you engaged longer, motivates you to buy more and keeps you coming back again and again.

Webfitters® understands these dynamics and has the know-how to create sites that acknowledge these needs and keep your users engaged. It starts with clean, appealing design and streamlined functionality that performs to the user’s expectations. Why does this matter? A great user experience can be the critical difference between customer conversion or customer abandonment. To achieve this type of top-notch user experience ¬– and greater web conversions, too – Webfitters merges the following ingredients into every successful site it builds:

Better Research

Creating a site that’s built around your users begins with better intel. First, we study the behavior of your website visitors to understand how to increase engagement and website conversions. Then, we implement best practices for your particular website. Our UX team then tests your site experience by using the latest research tools, always consulting with our marketing team to ensure we’ve embraced your challenges and have resolved them accordingly.

Smarter Strategies

A quality user experience isn’t based on luck; it’s the marriage of strategic planning combined with experience and testing. In collaboration with your team, we develop our UX strategies around the user, making sure they fully understand the message your company wants to present and the manner in which it’s presented.

Appealing Design

As in life, when it comes to making a first impression, your website only get one chance. Your users make immediate judgments of your website or application the minute they begin interacting with it. If the experience is less than stellar, it can be “sayonara”, not “see you soon.” At Webfitters, we value the first impression, using outstanding design plus real-time research and strategy to ensure that first impression – and every impression thereafter – is a great one.