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Web Development Case Study


The Wisconsin Wastewater Operators’ Association is a large organization of wastewater professionals who share a common interest to improve wastewater industry standards and practices. The WWOA website was built to house and share resources for Wisconsin Wastewater operators throughout the state.

Webfitters developed the WWOA website to make it easy for the organization to communicate with their members and to efficiently manage group information, including their annual conferences. The WWOA Content Management System was built with the functionality to share news updates, post job openings, manage contact information of members, and more.

Annual Conference Organization

Each year, the WWOA uses their website to organize their annual conferences. From pre-registration to the number of tickets, dinner selection, event signup and payment, the WWOA organizes everything in a smooth manner through their website CMS. To streamline the actual event, Webfitters integrated a system to generate conference tickets based on the information entered at signup, which allows event organizers to easily print individualized tickets and name badges for each member at the click of a button.

Email Alerts for Members

In order to keep WWOA members informed and up-to-date, the WWOA website gives members the ability to subscribe to alerts for new equipment listings or job opening postings via email. It also includes a feature to send email reminders when a person’s membership is about to expire, and then allows them to renew their membership through the website.

Permission Level Access to Regional Leaders

In order to continually populate the website in an efficient manner, Webfitters developed a multiple tier user administer system on a permission level access basis. This gives certain regional leaders the ability to directly manage their page information.

Essentially, the WWOA website is the organization's ultimate portal to document strategies and share information between members from all corners of the state.

Case Study Takeaway: Webfitters will develop custom features to help run your business as efficiently as possible.