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WillBridge is a Public Benefit Corporation committed to partnering with organizations to leverage data, technology, and talent to accelerate transformational community change. Through their parent company, SysLogic, they partner with industry leaders like Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide best practices, methodologies, products, and services to their clients.

WillBridge was in need of a website that laid the foundation for their mission; to unite, serve, and support communities as a data and technology backbone and to provide the platform, tools, resources, and know-how to turn powerful information into pivotal action.

As a new organization, they needed a digital platform to reinforce their credibility and highlight the important work they were doing. We knew just how to help.


We worked with the WillBridge team to identify their biggest goals, challenges and desires, and then created a strategy around them which served as the framework for the project. Once we had the strategy set, we worked on creating the virtual “ambience” of the website. We wanted their digital space to be reflective of the tech industry that WillBridge is rooted in. The website hosts a clean and contemporary look which is appealing to the eye and allows for easy navigation. The header images were chosen intentionally, reflecting data and technology which is a central theme in WillBridge’s organization.

For the bones of the website, one of the first things our team did was lay out a menu that reflects the main goals of the website; helping users understand why, what, and who. The first section, the why, encompasses the ‘Why We Exist’ page. This page exists to explain the problem that WillBridge solves. Our team included bright fonts to draw the viewer’s attention to the main points and a three-column infographic to visually display the stakeholders involved in WillBridge’s mission.

The “What We Do” page holds two submenus allowing users to choose whether to go to the Overview page or the WillBridge DataCommunity page. The Overview page utilizes key graphics to help viewers better understand what WillBridge does – data, technology and talent – and who they partner with. The “Who We Are” section of the menu goes into details on the organization’s Team, Legacy, and Benefit Corp Status.

One of the most important goals of this build was documenting WillBridge’s impact. The ‘Our Impact’ page contains detailed case studies for users, or potential investors, to read through. Each case study is broken into an opportunity and results section which helps provide context to the reader and then supports it by explaining the outcome and providing real data when available.

The final piece of the build was creating a section for users to reach out and get in touch with the WillBridge team. The “Engage With Us” button brings the user to a page with contact information and a user-friendly form. The submittable form features an area where users can select which parts of the organization they’re most interested in learning about and write a unique message to the WillBridge team.

WillBridge is a growing organization focused on using data, technology and talent to bring change to local communities. Our team at Webfitters is grateful for the opportunity to support their mission through a brand-new online platform. Congratulations again to the WillBridge team!

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