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The Wellness Way

Purpose Built Magento ECommerce Website


The Wellness Way is a network of over 60 clinics worldwide that deliver superior clinical outcomes. Their unique ability to understand and address individual health needs is positively impacting people across the globe. Although their philosophy and approach are very cutting edge, their digital presence needed some work. The Wellness Way had multiple eCommerce websites set up catering to different user groups (general consumers, Doctors, and patients). They needed to consolidate so they could control everything from one space including lab tests/results, general purchases, subscriptions, discounts and more.



Webfitters worked closely with the Wellness Way team to develop an product that worked for them AND their network. The new ECommerce website allows users to log in as one of 3 user roles (consumer, Doctor, and patient) and customizes their online experience based on their role. For example, Doctors receive discount pricing on all orders. They can subscribe to multiple Wellness Way services and pay for them through their account, and they receive commission on all products purchased by registered patients. Patients receive special discounts on products and have access to a wider range of products when logged in and assigned to a doctor. All users can order supplements, merchandise, and even lab tests directly through the website.

The site is also equipped with a robust admin that allows The Wellness Way access to gift cards, multiple subscriptions, user roles, detailed sales reports, and more.

We are proud to be partnered with The Wellness Way and are looking forward to growing their digital presence. If you’re interested in learning how your site could do its job better for your business, contact us today!

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