Our Work

The Community Blood Center
Purpose Built WordPress Website, Hospital Partner Portal, and Gallon Grad Student Volunteer Tracking App


The Community Blood Center underwent a recent re brand. As a result, they were in need of a website that reflected their new look and told their inspiring story in a way that inspired action. The new site would need to cater heavily to the mobile user. It needed to better connect with area hospital partners. And most importantly, they needed the ability to update their website as needed which was something the old site didn't allow for.

Webfitters worked closely with the CBC Marketing Team to shift from a text heavy, dated look and feel to an open, minimalist design driven by inspiring images and iconography. Through the use of subtle movement, professional photography, and an engaging look, the home page instantly tells the story of who the Community Blood Center is today and encourages the community to get involved. Through the WordPress dashboard, CBC is able to update the site whenever they need to. They can also share their latest news, events, and job postings through their blog.

The new hospital partner portal rolled out shortly after the website. It is a member-based, password protected space where CBC and its partners can share sensitive information and files. The portal also stores and organizes the data for easy access. 

Gallon Grad Student Volunteer Tracking App
The Community Blood Center runs the Gallon Grad Program - a partnership with area high schools allowing students to volunteer to earn credits towards graduation. CBC had an app to track these volunteer milestones, but it wasn't mobile friendly, was not fully functional, and had limited admin features. Webfitters built a new version of the app runs more smoothly, is accessible by phone, and is able to produce and export reports. Through automation, the app has saved the CBC staff countless hours of week to week work. You can learn more about the app here.

The roll out of the website, portal, and app were met with rave reviews from both Community Blood Center staff and the community. We are extremely proud of our partnership with the Community Blood Center and are looking forward to a bright future.

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