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STAT Informatic Solutions, based in Green Bay, WI, provides information management services to keep businesses organized and operationally-efficient. They specialize in the healthcare, legal, and financial industries but offer their services to clients in other industries as well.

We worked with their team to breathe new life into their website and provide a digital space that was reflective of their excellence and professionalism as a company.


The first goal of the build was creating a modern website design that would make a powerful first impression. With a sleek and contemporary design, the new website instantly captures visitors’ attention and signals that STAT Informatic Solutions is a future-forward company. 

The content incorporated into the website was strategically curated to emphasize STAT’s values, dedication to clients, and commitment to cutting-edge solutions. Our team also integrated a blog into STAT’s new website where they can show thought-leadership and provide resources for visitors on their site.

STAT Informatic Solutions’ old website had navigation issues that made finding information challenging. We implemented a streamlined menu structure, making it easy for users to find the information most relevant to them.

STAT Informatic Solutions serves a wide range of industries, and it was essential to showcase their expertise in each. Their new website now incorporates a dedicated page that focuses on the markets STAT serves, providing crucial information to potential clients in those sectors. By highlighting their experience in various industries, the new website establishes STAT Informatic Solutions as an experienced and dependable partner.

In today’s competitive business landscape, a well-designed and informative website is no longer an option but a necessity. STAT Informatic Solutions recognized this and took a proactive step towards improving their online presence. 

Their new website is now a powerful tool for attracting new clients, providing valuable resources, and projecting a strong digital brand image. Congratulations again to the team at STAT Informatic Solutions.

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