St. Ignatius Catholic School

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The education industry has changed significantly over the years as evolving technology has made its way into the classroom. Those adapting and welcoming the challenge of advancing tech have been able to use it in their favor – incorporating it into curriculum, simplifying internal processes, providing students with transferable skills, and so much more.

While tight budgets often limit a school’s ability to make major technology acquisitions, there are cost-efficient ways to show parents, students, and prospective families that your educational institution is investing in itself, and therefore its students.

What may seem like a second thought, a school’s website, can be a great way to make a first impression, and serve as an impactful tool. That’s what St.Ignatius, a Catholic 3K-12 school, realized as they made the decision to revamp their website. Their old website struggled to represent the school’s personality and mission, provide a seamless user experience, and serve as a beneficial tool for its student body and their parents. 

To address these challenges, St. Ignatius reached out to our team for a website redesign. We worked alongside them to create a modern and user-friendly platform that caters to the needs of students, parents, and faculty.


To breathe new life into St. Ignatius School’s digital presence, we first conducted a thorough discovery phase to identify the needs and preferences of St. Ignatius faculty, prospective parents, and existing parents. This phase laid the foundation for a website that catered to the specific requirements of its diverse user base.

The next step in the website redesign was drawing up the sitemap. The website’s sitemap and user flow were strategically organized to ensure that essential information was readily accessible – like the homepage. The homepage is usually the page with the highest volume of traffic, so we designed it to draw attention to critical areas such as admissions, news, and events to help efficiently move users throughout the site.

We then built the new website on the WordPress platform. WordPress is a flexible, secure, and user-friendly content management system. This platform allows the school staff to update content effortlessly, saving time and resources.

Recognizing that most of the audience accessed the website via mobile devices, our website design prioritized mobile responsiveness, ensuring an optimal experience for all users.

The new website seamlessly integrates school calendars, making it easy for parents and students to stay updated on important events and activities.

To communicate time-sensitive news and announcements effectively, a homepage pop-up announcement panel was added to the website. This feature ensures that crucial information is clearly displayed so users can easily be informed.

Our team also incorporated a blog into the website, providing a space for additional news, updates, or in-depth topics. This feature allows St. Ignatius to share valuable insights and engage with its community, creating a more personable experience with visitors.

By addressing the problems of the old site and embracing modern technology, St. Ignatius now boasts an attractive, user-friendly platform that aligns with its identity and meets the needs of all users: whether they’re students, parents, faculty, or prospective families.

If your school is ready to invest in its future, contact our team today to learn how Webfitters can design a purpose-built website for your institution.

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