Proko-Wall Funeral Home

WordPress Website, Obituaries, & Online Guestbook


Webfitters and Proko-Wall Funeral Home have worked on a variety of projects together over the years. For over 50 years Proko-Wall Funeral Home has kept the memories of loved ones alive in the Green Bay area. They approached Webfitters to re-design their website since their old site had an outdated look and feel. They also wanted to highlight a new focus of their business, Pre-Arrangement services. As well as updating the look and feel they wanted a stronger user flow through their site and an overall update to their content to help with their search engine ranking.


The fifth website Webfitters built for Proko-Wall Funeral Home, this version Webfitters worked closely with Proko-Wall to update the visual aspect of the site to a more modern feel while incorporating soft layer transitions, professional photography, and engaging textures. The new website is designed to assist families and individuals by having easily accessible and updated information.

Our biggest additions were:

  • Clean and contemporary design with classic touches
  • Newly designed contact page and form within the site
  • Prominent Contact info in the header for quick access
  • Updated Custom Online Obituarity with Guestbook feature
  • Showcasing recently shot videos & commercials
  • Dedicated space for Pre Arrangement, including a dedicated layer on the homepage
  • Keyword research and optimized content for search engine optimization
  • Monthly digital marketing strategy for long term success

With the custom Online Obituary feature, guests can easily find the obituary they are looking for and share their memories of their loved ones with a customized message and image upload feature. The prominent contact us information in the navigation as well as on the contact page makes it easy and simple for their clients to contact them, making one step of the process simple and streamlined.

We hope you’ll take a moment to check out Proko-Wall Funeral Home’s new website at

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