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Our Lady of Kibeho Basilica Foundation Inc.
WordPress Website, Blog, and Donation Functionality


Based in New York, NY, Our Lady of Kibeho Basilica Foundation Inc. is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to build two Basilica churches in Kibeho, Rwanda, under the direction of the Virgin Mary. Their goal is to raise $70 million dollars from around the world to help build these churches; one small church, and one large church. 

The confirmed apparitions of Mother Mary came to a number of students in Kibeho in 1981 and 1982. Mother Mary warned the students of genocide (which would eventually hit Rwanda in 1994) and also asked that they build two churches for Her children. Immaculee Iligibiza, one of few Tutsi survivors from the genocide, would later become a key supporter of Our Lady of Kibeho Basilica Foundation Inc.

Immaculee, along with her team from around the globe, came to Webfitters in hopes to have a website built to help drive their mission and collect donations to help build these churches. The website needed to tell this miraculous story, while inspiring people from all around the world to donate to the building project.

Webfitters worked closely with Immaculee and her team to build a beautiful, inspiring and powerful tool to aid in their mission. The website features a secure, and user friendly donation plugin called Stripe. Stripe allows users to make one-time or recurring donations from anywhere in the world. The site has a language translator built in, so anyone visiting the site can read their story in any language they choose. Additionally, the site features a blog space, which allows the foundation to share news and updates with their supporters. Finally, the site allows for social media sharing to help spread their mission to the masses. 

Check the website at https://buildkibeho.org/