The Northern Group is an agency focused on uniting suppliers and retailers to facilitate long lasting relationships that help bring their products to market.

Started in 2000, the Northern Group has continually leveraged their unique experience and knowledge of the go to market strategy to help suppliers move products onto the shelves of some of the largest commercial retailers across the country.

Prior to their new website, the Northern Group was stuck with a very basic, vague website that struggled to convey their niche industry. Much of the copy was duplicated across pages and the site gave off a very impersonal feel.


Our teams worked together to create a project outline that would satisfy all of Northern Group’s needs.

Here’s a look at the scope of the build:

  • Robust home page with distinct messaging and images that reflect key elements of their organization
  • Easily accessible call to actions
  • Interactive location map
  • New, unique and optimized copy for each different page
  • Eye-catching icons for better understanding the process and industries
  • A more attractive way to display their retailers

Here’s a look at the critical points of the build:

Through thorough questionnaires and numerous meetings, our content writers were able to whittle down the copy to find the message that best captures the theme on each page.

Whether we were detailing the history behind the company for the ‘About Us‘ page, describing the process that a supplier may go through on the ‘For Suppliers’ page, or displaying the solutions for retailers on the ‘For Retailers’ page, each one is geared towards individualized audiences for maximum effectiveness.

A new, interactive ‘Locations’ map was integrated into the site to provide a visual representation of Northern Group’s footprint and strategic proximity to big-chain retailers. Further reinforcing their trust and credibility that they are an established agency. The map allows viewers to better understand where they are situated and how to get in contact with a representative nearest to them.

The ‘Contact Us’ page provides a final blurb that restates what they do and how they do it right above the form. This allows users to feel confident in their decision to reach out to the Northern Group by emphasizing the key benefits of working with their team.

Congratulations to the Northern Group on the launch of their new website! They now have a detailed website that captures the nuances of their industry while still appealing to viewers. We can’t wait to see how their new site elevates their organization’s digital presence and gives their competitors a run for their money.

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