Mosaic Arts

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Mosaic Arts is a not-for-profit organization based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Their mission is to promote and support the variety of arts and cultural opportunities throughout the community. They work alongside and support local artists, cultural organizations, and creative businesses, but they also foster arts education in the Greater Green Bay Area.

Mosaic Arts previous website had grown out of date, was not easy to use or manage internally, and also lacked the visual and creative representation that drives them – art and culture.

Our team at Webfitters worked closely Silvija and Molly of Mosaic Arts to help strategize and develop a plan for a functional framework, and inspiring design concept to serve as a purposeful tool for their mission and organization.


Webfitters designed a beautiful, visually grabbing website that truly brings art to life. We introduced big, bold and fun visual elements as well as pops of color to give the site dimension. To support the visual elements we focused on a strong and seamless user experience when developing the functionality. The new site features a membership sign up and directory functionality to showcase local artists and supporters throughout the community. We also included a blog functionality to allow Mosaic Arts to share their latest news. Finally, the site supports safe and secure online donation collections.

Silvija and Molly, and the team at Mosaic Arts were an excellent team to work with, and we were inspired by their passion and pride in supporting the local art community.

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