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Maintenance Tracking System


Web applications are an excellent way to keep clear and consistent communication amongst your employees. We recently teamed up with a well-known industrial contracting company to provide them with a piece of software that allows their Project Managers to oversee various projects for all of their manufacturing/industrial plant-based customers in one clean and manageable dashboard.

The system’s main purpose is to provide information for when their customers will be experiencing downtime due to maintenance issues. Project Managers can log into the application and submit a future project, along with a detailed description of what exactly will be happening. Information about the customer, the number of employees that will be working on that particular project, and the estimated downtime can all be included. This allows for a better organization as their team is managing multiple maintenance projects, resulting in a more efficient way of servicing their existing customers.

If a project-based application could help increase efficiency for you and your company, we’d love the opportunity to help get you started in the right direction!